When do the efforts to decision on a career path, value is always going to come into play. If you are looking at coming to be a firefighter strictly for the pay, climate you will certainly be disappointed. However, everyone demands to assistance themselves. You require to know what way of life you deserve to lead working as a firefighter prior to you decision if it is right for you.

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Firefighters deserve to (in some areas) make 100k or an ext per year in salary. However, this is well over the nationwide average and also the majority of firefighters will not make 6 figures. The pay price will greatly depend ~ above the area and the average expense of living.

Lets take it a closer look at the type of number you deserve to expect to make as a firefighter. Us will likewise compare the salary in different parts that the country. Keep analysis to get a better understanding the the compensation firefighters get.

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Firefighter Salaries

Firefighter Salaries


First that all, let’s remember that 70% of every firefighters in the US room volunteers and don’t gain paid at all.

If you are interested in do a career as a firefighter, friend obviously require to know what kind of money castle make.

The national median salary for firefighters is approximately $50,000 per year, depending upon the resource of the data.

However, this doesn’t tell the totality picture. This number is the basic salary.

Most firefighters gain paid more than the base pay when you incorporate things like: EMT or Paramedic pay, bilingual pay, educational incentive pay, special assignment pay, overtime hour pay, etc.

Not every firefighter will obtain all or any of this bonus stipends, however many do. This can include up to rather a bit much more money in her pocket. Especially functioning overtime.

There is a certain level that staffing that have to be kept to administer the level of business that the administration needs.

This means that, in plenty of departments, there space frequent methods to job-related extra hours. It’s not free money, together you have to work an ext hours on height of the median 56 hour week, but it is a normal component of gift a firefighter.

Sometimes girlfriend are also forced to work overtime hours. That way when friend are around to get off a long, liven shift, you space told that you can’t leave. They have the right to keep friend at job-related to preserve a particular level that staffing. Depending on the department, this may never happen or it may happen a few times a month.

The other variable to consider is area. When the median pay in some locations is well listed below the $50,000 per year average, there are many other places that are well above this number.

This is probably where you hear around firefighters the make 100k or an ext per year. Lets view some examples:

As you can see, California has actually some of the highest possible paying firefighters jobs, mostly because these are several of the many expensive cities to live in.

If you include extra pay and also overtime, it’s very possible for numerous firefighters to make over six figures per year. If they are in a high payment area, 100k is reasonably common after your first couple of years.

If you room in a much more average paying area, you have the right to still make much more than 100 thousands dollars per year, relying on how much overtime hours are easily accessible and exactly how much you are willing to work.

And these numbers are simply for a simple firefighter. There space usually avenues to encourage to Driver, Lieutenant, Captain, etc. This promotions can come through pay increases.

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Source: Mint

Firefighting supervisors (Captains and Lieutenants) space the #5 highest paid place that walk not need a college degree.