Pay fist to Buckminster Fuller and forget the square or rectangle when structure a house, and instead go for a geodesic dome.

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The forward-thinking Fuller, responsible for giving the surname geodesic come the polyhedral dome, championed the dome together the perfect structure for that strength and also efficiency. This ideal building kind is being developed daily in — north roll, you re welcome — Rockledge, house to American Ingenuity, aka Aidomes, builder that dome residence kits that are shipped roughly the world.

Ai founder Michael Busick introduced his company in Brevard in 1976. Rather of wood and shingles, which have the right to rot and tear off, concrete, galvanized and expanded polysterene were Busick’s materials of choice for his domes. He to be granted a patent for prefab panels that make building easier than stick-built and can be quickly organized right into kits that deserve to be assembled by competent do-it-yourselfers.

You need not sacrifice room with domes. Inner footage v Aidomes arrays from 172-square-feet mini-domes to 2,992-square-foot residences the share the dome’s natural durability. The Rockledge that company domes have been put up in 47 states and 15 international countries.

“As an architecture form, the dome is one of the strongest constructed by man,” said Glenda Carlin-Busick, vice president and plans coordinator for American Ingenuity. “The partial sphere (that is a dome) is one aerodynamic shape that is an extremely stable in high winds and can withstand heavy snow loads. Domes significantly exceed the structural needs of the significant building password in the unified States.”

Th Ai domes bring a 225 mph and also F4 tornado guarantee and are at sight energy-efficient.

“Our domes have 30 percent less exterior surface than box-shaped houses and also have R28 insulation ~ above the prefab panels with no wood to interrupt the insulation,” Busick.

She listed the electrical bill for the company’s 3,700-square foot office of two attached domes averages $72 once the place is kept at 74 levels during the peak of summer.

The houses are solid together a rock, perfect for everything Florida weather can throw in ~ it. The concrete construction, reinforced through galvanized mesh and fibers, has actually no rooftop to punch off in high winds.

One that Ai’s domes went v Hurricane Andrew and also a tornado in ~ the very same time v no structural damages when the remainder of the community was destroyed,” Busick said.

Builder beam Vince wishes to tap top top the dome’s excellent performance in the neighborhood of houses he has actually planned for Titusville.


“I had actually originally believed of going through conventional prefab houses until I uncovered that Ai remained in Rockledge,” Vince said.

Vince wishes to begin his project, aimed to more energize Titusville’s real estate market, v a 2 bedroom/one bath 27-foot dome home that is linked to a 12-foot dome hosting solar dashboard battery storage.

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“It will certainly be a at sight dome home,” stated Vince, that is in search of a large parcel of floor to build a community of dome homes in phibìc Brevard.

With a price tag of about $160,000, Vince’s dome home is affordable, secure and also efficient housing that won’t expense much come maintain.

“He wants to develop the dome to be together close to off the grid together possible,” Busick said.

Although structurally an extremely different than classic houses, domes nevertheless are very cozy inside and also are naturals for the open floor arrangement favored by today’s homeowners.

“Geodesic dome construction translates right into a highly comfortable and livable building that has a maximum of floor area enclosed by a minimum the materials,” Busick said. “The building concept the a dome expands the selection of basic and economic building options.”

Malcolm and also Eva Jewell live in one Aidome on Pineapple Ave. In the Eau Gallie art District. The Jewells to be not searching for a dome particularly, but the house’s location and its river views sealed the deal. The energy efficiency and strength were just nice bonuses.

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“I had actually known about dome houses and I knew they to be very good with hurricanes and also wind,” Malcolm Jewell said.

The residence is a 34-foot diameter 2 bedroom/two bathtub Aidome with 1,171 square feet on two levels. It connected to a 22-foot diameter dome the serves as a one-car garage dome with attic storage.

Settling into dome living because that Jewell to be a cinch.

“It was surprisingly easy,” she said. “The furniture fits very well.”

About the only drawback in dome living for Jewell is hanging images on the external walls, because their concrete building and construction makes driving pond something the a bear.

With an extensive increases in the price of construction and also energy, dome kit provide significant cost-savings, for this reason expect an ext to pop up follow me the space Coast.

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“In the past decade, many people have discovered that the dome style offers a viable solution,” Busick said.