Detectives and also criminal investigator wages differ by state, but additionally by level that government, through the ... <+> commonwealth executive branch paying the most.

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In a previous occupation-salary study, us took a look at the typical salary the police police officers in every state. This time around, we’re going to look in ~ the earnings of detectives and criminal investigators. The exciting thing around detectives and criminal investigators is that they include roles on the local level and the state and federal level. Using occupational data native the office of job Statistics, we"ve analyzed and also compiled a round-up of the median detective value in each state in the U.S. Read on for a full break down of wherein detectives do the many money, and where they"re making the least.

10 says Where Detectives and Criminal Investigators earn the most Money

The national average annual wage of one detectives and criminal investigators is $86,030, follow to theBLS, end $30,000 much more than the mean wage for all occupations, $51,960. The No. 1 employer of detectives and also criminal investigators are local governments, not included schools and also hospitals, audit for 42,860 tasks out of a national full of 105,620. The top-paying employer, however, is the federal executive branch the the U.S. Government, in i m sorry the mean mean wage for detectives and also criminal investigators is $107,150.

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Below is a perform of the top-10 highest-paying says for detectives and also criminal investigators:

Alaska typical detective salary: $113,420 Hawaii average detective salary: $109,320 California median detective salary: $107,760 New Jerseyaverage detective salary: $103,460 Massachusettsaverage detective salary: $102,350 Maryland average detective salary: $102,170 Virginiaaverage detective salary: $98,960 Washingtonaverage detective salary: $97,770 Oregonaverage detective salary: $94,590 Delawareaverage detective salary: $92,790

10 says Where Detectives and also Criminal Investigators earn the least Money

The bottom-10 says where detectives and criminal investigators make the the very least money greatly located in the U.S. South, with two claims from the Midwest. The said, the average detective salary in the lowest-paying state, southern Carolina, is tho slightly over the typical mean fairy for every occupations. Take a look at the worst-paying says for detectives.

South Carolina median detective salary: $59,410 North Carolina average detective salary: $61,880 Arkansas typical detective salary: $60,340 Kansas typical detective salary: $62,260 Louisiana mean detective salary: $63,980 Mississippi average detective salary: $64,100 Alabama typical detective salary: $65,830 Oklahoma average detective salary: $65,930 Georgia typical detective salary: $67,820 Indiana average detective salary: $69,960