Dungeness crab has a sweet, mild and also slightly nutty taste v tender body meat and leg meat which is contempt firmer.

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Dungeness Crab cooking Notes

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When prepare a whole crab because that use, the viscera have to be cleanly removed due to the fact that it might contain heat-resistant bio toxins. The yellow substance within the shell, which is sometimes dubbed the crab butter, is the hepatopancreas, the digestive gland, which is tantamount to ours liver and also pancreas. Some people consider this a delicacy, but if that is indigenous crabs taken from polluted locations then it may contain contaminants such as PCBs or heavy metals.

Dungeness Crab description (Metacarcinus magister – previously Cancer magister)

Dungeness crabs have actually light reddish-brown shells top top the earlier with one underside i beg your pardon is white to light orange. That is claws are white-tipped. Masculine Dungeness crab can prosper to a covering width of 9 inch (230 mm. Many commercially recorded Dungeness crab weigh between 1 1/2 lbs (680 grams) and also 3 lbs (1.4 kg).

Fresh Dungeness Crab Availability

Fresh seafood availability chart: green locations show top availability, light eco-friendly show minimal availability, gray shows not accessible fresh. The Dungeness Crab advertising fishing season varies by an ar so the graph listed below is a mixture of several differnt fisheries. Frozen Dungennes is obtainable all year long.


British Columbia: Dungeness crab is harvested in Canada all year long however most are captured from may to October. Although crabbing is open all year in Canada, crabs captured during the summer and early loss may have actually recently molted which results in soft shells and little meat.

Dungeness Crab yield Percentage

ItemTo Meat without ShellsNotes
Whole Crab25%Depending upon molting and size Dungeness productivity to meat varies in between 13% – 30%

image indigenous ODFW is public domain

Dungeness crab is uncovered all along the west coast of phibìc America from the Aleutian islands in Alaska to central California.

Typical Dungeness Crab all Products

Live – supervisor chilled to dormancy; air-shipped “dry” in styro boxes through gel ice, box size/pack load varies.Fresh Whole-Cook – cooked, back on; packed in wet ice, “ocean run” or dimension graded in 25 lb. Or 50 lb waxed boxes.Frozen Whole-Cook – brine, air-blast or nitrogen frozen & water glaze; size graded 1.5-2 lb, 2-2.5 lb, 2.5-3 lb, 3-up; legs banded, personally poly bagged, pack in 30 lb box.Frozen section or “Cluster” – cooked, earlier off, eviscerated, brine, blast or nitrogen frozen and glazed; “soldier packed” in 20 & 25 lb boxes.Single foot – cooking IQF leg; packed in 10 lb & 20 lb boxes.“Snap & Eat” – cooked IQF score leg through shoulder meat attached; packed in 10 & 20 lb boxes.Cocktail Claws – cooking IQF claw, shell tip removed; packed in 6/3 lb case.Picked Meat – fresh & frozen; layered mix of human body & foot meat(usually a 60/40 mix); available in 5 lb tins (6/5 case), 1 lb & 8 oz. Tubs or can be ~ , 1 lb pouches.“Fry Legs” – fresh & frozen; choose merus foot meat only–very expensive.

Dungeness Crab Sustainability Info

The window below is a attach to the Monterey only Aquarium’s Seafood clock program information on Dungeness Crab. Dimension limits and also restrictions on harvesting any type of female crabs space the major conservation steps in ar for the Dungeness crab fishery. Different fisheries employ various restrictions to maintatin the species. Size boundaries vary in between 6 to 6 1/2 inches across the best breadth that the shell. This dominance is draft to protect sexually maturation males because that at the very least 1 year and also all female crabs since the female varieties rarely flourish to this size. Other conservation actions being offered by some fisheries include biodegradable escapement tools on traps to border ghost fishing, escape holes to allow little crabs (including females) out the the traps, fixing the number of boats and traps along with seasonal closures.

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