The evade Challenger Hellcat Redeye has a sound that shoots pure adrenaline (or fear) down the spine of anyone within a twenty-meter radius.

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In its fourteenth year the production, the reborn Challenger has undergone only minor updates. Although ancient by today’s standards, Dodge has been may be to keep its relevance because that one straightforward reason — the unbelievably powerful engines, particularly the SRT Hellcat.

A Hellcat is about theater. That isn’t around quick lap times, deluxe interiors, or practical things such together “grip.” Who needs that once all you want to perform is listen to the Hellcat’s supercharger whine.

A sound that shoots pure adrenaline (or fear) under the spine that the driver and also everyone in ~ a twenty-meter radius.

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2021 Challenger Hellcat Redeye

Dodge no one to shy far from giving their customers options. Rather of yearly updates, they regularly will include a new performance package to their list. If you go to their website you will uncover 10 available models the the Challenger, starting with the base SXT all the method up come the new-for-2021 SRT super Stock.

The very first two models of the Challenger, the SXT and also GT, room fitted through a 303 hp 3.6L V6. To step into ideal muscle vehicle territory and also get a V8, buyers need to start v the R/T package’s 5.7L that burbles out 375 hp.

The Scat fill is often taken into consideration the center ground. Beginning at $46,000, that a cheap considering the performance. It’s 392 hem Engine pushes 4,200lbs come a peak speed of 168 MPH making use of 485 hp and also 475 lb-ft the torque.

If you hear the whine of hemi supercharger, you know you’re in Hellcat territory. They have actually the massively supercharged 6.2L SRT engine that has actually increased its power to 717 hp and also 656 lb-torque.

The Hellcat Redeye graduates you to the class of demons, share the exact same engine that the one-year-only, dodge Challenger Demon. The 6.2L High output SRT engine has actually the largest Supercharger fitted on a production vehicle. Coming just 11 horsepower shy of the discontinued dragster, the produces 797 hp and also 707 lb-ft. One huge factor in the dive of speech is due to the loss of airflow with the dual Snorkel Hood compared to the Demon’s massive solitary nostril.

The Hellcat Redeye is only available in an 8-speed automatically because, stop be honest, us mortals can’t handle that lot power. The “regular” Hellcat, however, does market a hands-on for those of united state who gain rowing through the gears the a high horsepower muscle car.

For the buyers looking to unleash their inner demon, dodge has added the all-new Challenger SRT supervisor Stock. Carrying over the very same supercharged 6.2L hem as the Redeye however is driven to 807 hp, just a speech shy the the Demon.

The Widebody Challenger not only looks cool yet makes the muscle vehicle handle too. In addition to the large splitter and also a few fender flares, this variation gives the Hellcat Redeye much needed performance upgrades. Dodge fitted the Redeye with more comprehensive wheels and tires in an effort to provide it some type of traction. To protect against the enormous coupe, they provided it Brembo six-piston prior brakes and also four-piston brakes in the rear. They didn’t prevent there, they likewise upgraded the suspension tuning and adaptive dampers.

More than just bragging legal rights to having actually the faster muscle auto (at 203 mph), the Redeye Widebody gives the driver at least some manage over the burly beast. Return it come at a $6,400 premium, that is absolutely the recommended of the two. If you going every the means up to the Hellcat Redeye, you might as well get the widebody. Go huge or go home, right?

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Interior and Infotainment

The internal is carried over unmodified from the vault years. The Challenger’s La-Z-Boy sized seats make it a rather nice location to travel lengthy distances. Although a second row is typically storage for a two-door, the Challenger is quite livable for little passengers the aren’t talk far. The Hellcat Redeye will certainly come standard with most basic creature comforts, including heated seats, heated steering wheel, keyless entry, and wireless charging.

Via Edmunds
The Challenger’s Redeye will come standard v an 8.4-inch touchscreen that will assistance both Andriod Auto and also Apple CarPlay. Exclusive to the upgraded Hellcats are the SRT power Pages that help record monitor times, monitor the engine, and also much more. The Redeye likewise comes conventional with combined navigation and WIFI hotspots.


To get into a 2021 evade Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye prices will certainly be beginning at $72,295. A reasonable price considering the lesser Hellcat starts in ~ $59,000 and also has 80 less horsepower.

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Via Edmunds
The Widebody package price just end $6,000 because that both the Hellcat and also Hellcat Redeye, pass the starting price of the Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody as much as $78,695.

Exterior decals and also spoilers will certainly cost, that course, but fortunately, every one of Dodge’s bright color are available at no added cost. Twin stripes and the spoiler each price $995. The throwback black color Satin Painted Hood will expense $1,995 and Dodge will do whole Black Satin graphic Package for $3,495.

Sources: Dodge, Edmunds

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