A bulletproof vehicle is no a common thing. Why would it be? as soon as it come to vehicle safety, plenty of features come indigenous manufacturers to offer owners peace of mind. Over there is safety modern technology like smart braking, lane exit warning, and some cars also have features that will certainly make noise if the driver is distracted or falling asleep. The one thing all these technologies have in usual is the they are designed to assist prevent accidents.

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Accident avoidance is good as it is the most likely emergency that can occur while driving. Yet how would certainly those safety systems aid if a little army of armed individuals struck you? us can’t think of any type of standard safety devices that would assist in a live-fire situation.

For someone who has countless enemies or is a VIP, a bulletproof car or armored automobile is the ultimate in automobile safety. The concern is, how does someone acquire a bulletproof car? are bulletproof dare illegal? here are the facts.

Is that illegal to have a bulletproof car?


Armormax bomb blankets | Armormax

One that the many extreme choices that a client can include is bomb blankets. Despite the name, this blankets are not intended to store your bombs warmth at night. Bomb blankets protect the bottom that the car from explosives by catching shrapnel.

Armormax offers different levels of defense which differ by ammunition. For example, one armor level of “B4” will certainly protect against handgun rounds approximately .44 magnum caliber. The preferably level is “B7,” i m sorry protects versus high-caliber, armor-piercing ring such as those provided in sniper rifles.

How lot does a bulletproof car cost?

The cost to bulletproof a car can vary in between $10,000 as much as $100,000 or much more depending ~ above the armor level and also options. That price selection is just considering the material and work the bulletproofing a car and also not the automobile itself. That is possible to purchase cars directly from manufacturers through their armor pre-installed.

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As a rule of thumb, the is for sure to assume that adding bulletproof armor to any kind of car will certainly not it is in cheap. Frankly, everyone who requirements a bulletproof vehicle should not intend it to it is in cheap. The last thing you would desire is to have equipped assassins shooting at your auto only to discover out that the manufacturer of your just protection decided to cheap the end on materials.

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