When it concerns liquor, there are regular alternatives and height shelf options. Pappy valve Winkle is a few steps over top shelf. Because that those who haven"t been chasing a bottle for years, Pappy valve Winkle is a kind of bourbon that can expense over $2,000 a bottle (via Cool Material). Now, girlfriend may uncover some info showing that a party technically only expenses a few hundred dollars — $130 come start, approximately $270 because that the top of the heat 23 Year (via gear Patrol). However, it"s rare that you"ll just stroll into a liquor store and also find a few bottles prepared to purchase.

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The first major factor for the high price tag is simply a issue of supply and demand. Bourbon fans anywhere want to taste the elusive concoction, however the producer only releases around 7,000 come 8,000 situations of family members Reserve every year, which works out to approximately 84,000 bottles. This might not seem choose such a restricted amount, but to placed it right into perspective, large bourbon brands prefer Jim Beam release about 84 million bottles per year.

Pappy valve Winkle bourbon has occurred a bit of a miracle vibe around it, and also in some ways, the i can not qualify to just buy a bottle all over or go into any type of bar because that a glass simply makes it all the more tantalizing for bourbon fans. They"re willing to placed the time and effort — and also money, should they stumble across a party — right into the quest.

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With such a high price tag, countless non-bourbon fans may wonder even if it is it might possibly be worth it. Apparently, yes. The legendary Anthony Bourdain tasted it in an illustration of his show "The Layover" and also stated that "if God do bourbon, this is what he"d make" (via alcohol Enthusiast). He even contemplated getting a massive back tattoo devoted to the brand (via Twitter).

The level of aging is one of the points that sets Pappy valve Winkle apart from various other bourbons ~ above the market. While plenty of start ~ above the lower end, aging their bottles 3 to 5 years, Pappy valve Winkle"s minimum is 15 years aged (via Cool Material). In fact, the the very least amount the aging they offer is 10 years for your Old Rip valve Winkle bourbon (via Buffalo trace Distillery), which would be taken into consideration a reserve party for numerous other brands. Pappy van Winkle has also racked up piles of awards because that the superior taste of its products.

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If you"re waffling on even if it is or no the pricey tags is worth the product, simply take a moment to it is in glad you"re not a alcohol connoisseur. Despite Pappy valve Winkle"s price is nothing come sneeze at, there are rare party of wine the are periodically auctioned off for the same amount the you can pay for an yes, really house. Just a few years ago, a bottle of 73-year-old French Burgundy marketed for a chuck $558,000 (via CNBC).