According come this viral message, your common blue whale produces more than 400 gallons the sperm as soon as it ejaculates, a factoid offered up to explain why the seas are salty. In reality, even the biggest whales only ejaculate up to a couple of gallons of semen at a time.

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Example:Email added by Duane G., June 17, 2003:

OH my GOD!!!!

FW: Don’t drink the sea water… read listed below first….

The median blue whale produces end 400 gallons of sperm as soon as it ejaculates, but only 10% of that actually provides it right into his mate. Therefore 360 gallons room spilled into the s every time one unloads, and also you wonder why the ocean is so salty…

Analysis: If you’re searching for a scientific explanation of why the ocean is salty, click here. (Hint: It has actually nothing to execute with whale sperm.)

As come the viral post reproduced above, it’s a two-part hoax, the text having very first appeared together a “Fact the the Day” on email joke lists towards the end of 2002; the attached picture is the unknown origin and didn’t start making the rounds till June 2003.

It should be evident at an initial glance that the text and also image don’t match. How can the reasonably small aquatic specimen in the photo possibly develop 400 gallons that sperm in ~ a go? By way of comparison, the volume of an average hot bath tub is about that exact same amount, 400 gallons, meaning this negative creature would have to possess testicles double the dimension of the remainder of its body to live approximately its glandular reputation.

In allude of fact, the animal in the photo more than likely isn’t a blue whale — or any whale — at all (see below).

A concern of Testicular Volume

Blue whales being the largest animals on the planet, the stands to factor that their reproductive organs need to be of likewise impressive dimensions, and that is certainly the case. By one estimate, the prick of a blue whale deserve to measure up to 16 feet long and its testicles weigh in at approximately 25 pounds apiece. Yet even packing 50 pounds of bollocks — the weight of one average-sized bulldog, if you need a benchmark — it’s absurd come imagine the a blue whale (or any type of other biology on earth, for that matter) could produce 400 gallons the seminal fluid at a time, or even one-tenth that amount.

For yet an additional comparison, I uncovered a credible resource stating the the southern appropriate whale — which has testicles also larger than the blue whale’s, weighing in a half-a-ton apiece — produces about five gallons that ejaculate in a solitary mating session. 5 gallons, no 500.

The statistic is clearly bogus.

Whale or Whale Shark?

Finally, there’s the question of whether the animal depicted in the viral image is even a blue whaleat all — which, actually, it appears it is not. Blue whales mean at the very least 75 feet in length. Utilizing the humans in the image above for scale, the creature is plainly smaller than a blue whale and also most likely isn’t any type of kind the whale in ~ all, yet rather a whale shark.

Since sharks don’t have penises every se, us must more conclude that either the picture was doctored (though I can detect no obvious signs of that), or the spectacular appendage dangling between the animal’s pelvic fins is among its claspers, a pair of tubular organs v which a male shark fastens itself to the female and also inseminates her throughout reproduction.

To sum Up:

• Blue whales can’t possibly ejaculate 400 gallons the sperm (the volume of one average-sized warm tub) — not also close.

• The animal in the photo more than likely isn’t a blue whale, no one is the circled appendage its penis.

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• over there are great reasons to protect against making a habit of drink sea water, yet sperm spillover isn’t one of them.