Polar Bears being the largest land carnivore, was standing at the peak of the food chain pyramid in the Arctic. This fact makes one wonder around the size and also weight of the polar bears. Amongst all the bear species, polar bears is among the heaviest and the tallest. Among the key reason behind polar bear’s heavyweight is the huge fat store under their skin. We have actually gathered complete information top top Polar bear Weight that will offer you a clear photo of How much Does a Polar be affected by each other Weigh. To make it even an ext clear for you us have compared its weight v some other bear species so the you can know where it stands.

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How much Does A Polar be afflicted with Weigh

Normally an adult polar bear weigh from 750 come 1450 lbs i.e. 340 come 658 kg.The typical polar be affected by each other weight ranges from 849 to 904 lbs i.e. 385 come 410 kg.Polar bears living roughly Beaufort Sea has an mean weight of about 992 lb i.e. 450 kg.Polar Bears feed on a high caloric diet, largely on the seals’ fat which is the primary reason the their heavy weight.Kodiak Bears room the only bear species that are a little an ext heavier 보다 polar bears on average.

How much Does Polar a Bears weigh in Pounds

A polar be afflicted with weighs around 750 come 1450 in pounds.

How much Does a masculine Polar Bear weigh – male Polar bear Weight

The mean weight that a male polar is an ext than that of a mrs polar bear.Adult masculine polar bears weight ranges from 750 to 1450 lbs i.e. 340 to 658 kg.

How much Does a female Polar Bear sweet – Female Polar be affected by each other Weight

A mrs polar bear weight is almost half as contrasted to the male polar bear.Normally the mean female polar be affected by each other weight varieties from 330-550 lbs i.e. 150– 250 kg.Maximum stated female polar bear weight up till now is the 260 kg, however it is an extremely rare.Female polar bears gain weight throughout pregnancy, which deserve to reach as much as 1100 lbs i.e. 500 (kg).

How much Does a infant Polar Bear sweet – baby Polar be affected by each other Weight

How lot Does a infant Polar Bear sweet at BirthAt birth the polar be affected by each other cub weight varieties from 1 to 2 lbs i.e. 0.45 come 0.9 kg.The median polar cub load is what in the variety of 454 grams to 680 grams.Polar be affected by each other cub through this lightweight at the time of birth has actually an average length of 12 inches and 30 cm.At birth masculine polar bears space slightly larger in size and also weight than the female polar bears.When the cubs leave the den lock weigh approximately 25-35 lbs i.e. 11 to 16 kg.At the age that one year the load reaches 200-350 lbs i.e. 90 to 163 kg.At the age of 2 years the masculine polar bear cubs weigh about 400 lbs i.e. 181 kg and are usually taller than their mother.

Heaviest Polar be affected by each other on Record

The most difficult polar bear ever recorded was earlier in 1960, as soon as a male polar be affected by each other was killed at Kotzebue Sound in northwestern Alaska.It weighed 2,209 lbs i.e 1,002 kg.

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If you are wondering exactly how they room able to acquire such load then you need to understand about What perform Polar bear Eat.

Polar Bear load Comparison

BearsAverage WeightPolar Bears400 kgBrown Bears150-600 KgAmerican black Bear110 kgAsian black color Bear135 kgSun Bear27 come 65 kgSpectacled Bear100 come 154 kgGiant Panda Bear70 to 100 kg
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