Xanax is a usual prescription benzodiazepine the can additionally be acquired illegally ~ above the street. As with most prescription drugs, Xanax’s street price exceeds the usual cost that pills acquired from a pharmacy.

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The street price of benzos choose Xanax ranges relying on their location and also scarcity.

In general, human being can expect to pay approximately $3-$5 per Xanax pill top top the street — depending upon the pill’s dosage and strength.

The famous benzodiazepine, Xanax, is used to law anxiety and panic disorders. Due to the fact that it is prescribed by physicians, that is not legally available except by prescription.

Despite this, Xanax is among the most frequently abused prescription drugs offered on the street.

Cost of A Xanax tablet (Xanax Bar) ~ above The Street

Xanax come in .25 mg, .50 mg, 1 mg, and also 2 mg pills. The 2-mg pills room “bars” that can be broken into four increments approximating .50mg doses.

On the street, a 2-mg Xanax bar might cost roughly $5.00.

Cost the Xanax Pills ~ above The Street through Dosage

While costs vary, the typical street cost of Xanax is roughly $5.00 for a 2 mg bar.

However, this “fair” price is very variable, and some people may salary upwards of $15 for a single 2-mg pill.

An median price for Xanax pills ~ above the street:

.25 mg: $.75-$1.5 mg: $1-$21 mg: $2-$32 mg: $4-$5

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Price for Xanax at A Pharmacy

The usual pharmacy expense of Xanax for 30 2-mg pills have the right to be approximately $25 ($0.60 every mg). This expense may be lower for larger prescription orders.

Getting assist For Xanax Addiction

Benzodiazepines like Xanax are highly addictive and also can reason dangerous next effects, consisting of overdose death.

If friend or a loved one struggles with Xanax abuse, contact one of ours treatment professionals to obtain started v the best rehab regimen for your needs.

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