Nick Cannon’s lay out comedy series Wild 'N Out has actually featured some big-name comedians and also entertainers over its 15 seasons, but despite the improv video game show’s ongoing success, a couple of cast members have actually revealed in interviews the their salaries aren’t what they used to be.

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Not every performer provides the very same amount that money per episode, a fact that was confirmed by Spanky Hayes, who appeared on the series’ an initial six seasons. The 35-year-old mutual that during Season 1 top top MTV, his co-star Katt Williams to be earning $50,000 an episode while that averaged around $27,000.

"I to be making dope male money weekly… It to be phenomenal," Spanky told Comedy Hype in January. But when Wild 'N Out go on hiatus in 2007 and returned 6 years afterwards MTV2, the budget plan took a significant hit.

Spanky stated he determined to quit once he started pulling in just $1,000 every episode. " f--ked my way of living up in a way," he admitted that the pay decrease. The Detroit native likewise acknowledged that the collection "just wasn’t as funny anymore."


Comedian Chico Bean, that joined the cast in Season 5 while it to be still airing on MTV2, agreed the the salary isn’t really what provides entertainers stick around. "People reasoning I understand Nick Cannon for real, that’s the finest part," the 33-year-old confessed come BOSSIP in 2014.

"Getting some of that residual fame turn off of him. I can ride the for as lengthy as he’s famous, ‘cause the pay yes, really ain’t nothing," the added. "You know just how you gained paid on your summer job, like as soon as you first got job and also you can just afford school clothes? That’s what Wild 'N Out is."

Viewers clearly watch the present to accomplish their map out comedy fix and catch music performances, however there's also another reason why fans tune in weekly: the Wild 'N Out girls. 


The ladies help the actors in miscellaneous skits transparent the show and also serve together the ultimate kind of eye candy. And while few of the girls, like Amber Diamond, have likewise crossed end to becoming recurring cast members, their salaries on the show are unknown.

It's true that being a Wild 'N Out girl comes with many benefits, such as acquiring exposure because that modeling deals and acting gigs. However, it's not clear if the ladies receive a salary. If they do, it's likely that they do the the very least amount on the show, because the ladies act as assistants to the cast. 

In a recent interview with Vibe magazine, the father-of-three described that every move he’s made through Wild 'N Out due to the fact that its 2005 debut has actually been strategic. "I always knew exactly how to operate from a organization aspect and seeing one idea start from the conception come its fruition," the actor told the publication in April 2020. 


"Now, with having this virtually half-a-billion-dollar brand that i built, I gain the concept of gift able to obtain as lot out of the brand as feasible but still remaining true to it there is no over-exploiting it," the continued. 

"I think that’s what we’ve done extremely well with Wild 'N Out, indigenous the careers that it’s aided birth come the marketing to the branding, from whatever that we do with the tours, the restaurants, barbershops — we’re doing so countless things through the brand."

Nick additionally called his brainchild the "most progressive show" ~ above television, declare that's what attracts substantial guest stars like possibility the Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, and Travis Scott season after ~ season.

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"It’s more than likely the only location that’s left whereby comedians have the right to come and also speak your mind and not need to worry around cancel society or world getting offended," Nick stated. "It’s the only place where you’ll actually see someone who is homophobic battle rap someone from the transgender community, and also at the finish of the day, castle hug it out."

Wild 'N Out airs Tuesdays in ~ 8 p.m. EST ~ above VH1.

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