United airlines is the 4th largest airline in the joined States. This is among the airlines you have to consider using with if you space interested in becoming a flight attendant.

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This article is a full guide on being a flight attendant through United. It contains background details on unified airlines, your salary, schedule, hubs, and other information you would want before ending up being a flight attendant for them. This post will likewise show you exactly how to end up being a flight attendant for joined Airlines.

United Airlines

United is one of the many successful airline carriers in the world.

Their fleet is right now made increase of nearly 800 airplanes. Together with their subsidiaries, lock fly over 4900 flights every day. They have actually over 88,000 employees as of 2019, which consists of over 20,000 flight attendants.

Their corporate headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois. They additionally operate hubs in 8 other cities.

United has been in business because 1926 and has annual revenues of over $41 billion.

How to become a flight Attendant with United

In stimulate to end up being a flight attendant through United airlines, you’ll first have to accomplish the an easy requirements the a flight attendant. Although several of the demands are collection by the FAA for all flight attendants, there are also some the are certain to United.

Here is a list of the requirements for joined Airlines follow to joined Airlines:

Although these room the demands to be considered, united give preferred status to applicants meeting these additional requirements:

A university degree2 years or much more customer organization experienceFluent in a 2nd language (bilingual)

If you fulfill these requirements, you should go ahead and also submit an application on your employment website uncovered here.

Getting Hired

If you execute not currently have experience as a flight attendant, make certain to arrangement ahead by analysis our overview written specifically to help people favor you. It’s a complete guide to help you become a flight attendant through no experience.

United flight Attendant Salary

United airlines pay for trip attendants is very competitive through other major airlines.

New flight attendants for joined Airlines are pain in the selection of $28/hour (according come Glassdoor) and $30 /hour according to Payscale. These dollar quantities are what existing trip attendants self reported, therefore they are assumed to it is in accurate.

As you progression in your career, you deserve to expect come earn rather a little bit more. An ext experienced flight attendants v 5+ years of suffer usually make an ext than $40/hour.

Once you room in the height 10% of trip attendants at joined Airlines you can expect to make over $64/hour.

Bonuses, Commission, and Profit Sharing

Like numerous other airlines, unified airlines provides their trip attendants the ability to knife money on optimal of their consistent hourly pay.

There are plenty of factors that determine this bonus pay consisting of things like the that company profitability and individual performance.

Existing flight attendants at joined report one extra $1500 every year that these added bonuses.


United flight Attendant training Program

United Airlines right now offers a 7 week lengthy training routine for brand-new flight attendants.

The cultivate takes location in Chicago, Illinois. The airline will administer you with hotel accommodations along with breakfast and lunch. Lock also administer a $140/week stipend to cover other costs you could incur.

Upon perfect of the maintain program, brand-new flight air hostess are likewise given a one time $1,000 bonus.

United’s 7 week training program contains training on a selection of topics consisting of customer service, passenger safety, aircraft certain training, Delta’s culture, and more.

United airlines Hubs & residence Bases

United airlines Headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. The perform of their current hubs is:

Chicago – O’HareDenverGuamHouston – IntercontinentalLos AngelesNewarkSan FranciscoWashington – Dulles

As a flight attendant functioning for unified Airlines, friend will likely be based the end of one of these hubs.

United trip Attendant Schedule

United has actually 2 share for trip attendants: Reserve and also Lineholder. To make reservation is the title because that newer flight attendants when the lineholder title is reserved for much more experienced flight attendants that meet details criteria.

After you finish the training program and begin your flight attendant role, you’ll start as a reserve trip attendant. This method you’ll regularly get less than 72 trip hours per month. You’ll additionally likely have to take everything shifts are obtainable including flights top top weekends, evenings, and holidays.

As a bonus, you room paid much more for flights the take location at less popular times.

As friend become an ext experienced friend will have the privilege of acquisition on more desirable flights. Experienced flight attendants do money money and also can choose the flights and schedule lock would rather have..

For more detailed info on how flight attendant schedules work, watch our guide on the here: trip Attendant Schedules

Is united a good Place to Work?

Employment sites let employees rate their endure working in ~ airlines favor United together a trip attendant. I’ve put together a perform of several of the largest airlines and also how lock scored. Below are the scores because that these airlines, consisting of United.

United airlines – 4.0/5.0Delta airline – 4.1/5.0United airlines – 4.0/5.0Southwest airline – 4.3/5.0American airline – 4.0/5.0Jet Blue – 4.1/5.0

Glassdoor (a really popular work site) also noted United airline as one of the ideal places to work in 2018. The is a designation plenty of companies work difficult to earn. Feel cost-free to review through that short article here.


How to Apply

United airlines prefers everyone looking to apply start through visiting their career site. You deserve to view positions and apply directly on their work site here.

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United airlines is a an excellent airlines to start your career as a trip attendant. They have positions accessible in plenty of cities and also hubs about the country. They also offer a good training program, salary well, and have great benefits.