UN salary scale.

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functioning in an worldwide structure of this range is a huge experience, both professional and also personal. Candidates from roughly the civilization can try to take it responsible positions. What friend are provided to seeing on the discovery channel and in the news deserve to become component of her life. For example, in ~ the moment, the UN Commission because that Social breakthrough has open up vacancies in Geneva, brand-new York, Addis Ababa, Burundi, Bangkok, Malawi, and also Lagos.

UN personnel policy

The Charter that the United countries proclaims the principle of gender equality in admission to the Organization. The general Assembly made clear guidelines aimed in ~ encouraging the recruitment of women in the Professional group to resolve one of the main objectives of the Organization’s personnel policy, i beg your pardon is to attain a an ext equitable quantitative ratio in between men and also women working in the Secretariat.

The joined Nations likewise welcomes the enhanced participation of ladies experts and also women consultants in that is technical cooperation programs.

Since employees hired after January 1990 are compelled to pensioner upon reaching 62 years, the United countries is cursed to no recruiting people who have reached this period or room close to it. However, this go not use to experts and consultants functioning under technical participation programs.


Salary and benefits system

The organization offers an attractive salary and also benefits system. The lot of the initial salary relies on the level that education and also professional qualifications, as well as on the level the the position.

Base UN salary range is developed by the general Assembly for assorted categories the specialists:

P1: $70,533.00 — $85,114.00P2: $86,908.00 — $95,978.00P3: $99,546.00 — $110,716.00P4: $115,982.00 — $130,426.00P5: $135,690.00 — $145,257.00D1: $150,609.00 — $165,602.00D2: $170,112.00 — $190,974.00

In enhancement to the base salary, remuneration has a short article adjustment based upon the cost of living and also the local money exchange rate according to the united state dollar because that each duty station.

During the duration of occupational in the organization, employees should be all set for the repeated readjust of duty stations. Employees working outside their own nations will receive a retirement advantage upon meeting to the service. Because that each child, a subsidy is listed for education and also a subsidy for dependents. Employee may also be eligible for a rental subsidy.

Employees are also entitled come paid yearly leave, ailing leave and home leave, covering of part of the expense of wellness insurance, including dental and also life insurance, assorted benefits and payments concerned travel, baggage transportation and accommodation upon appointment to the business or deliver from one duty station to another.

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Staff members space members that the United nations Joint staff Pension Fund. The amount of the monthly pension contribution depends on the salary level determined by the unified Nations general Assembly. Together the salary Calculator shows, a nurse in new York receives $ 21,560 – $ 40,350 per year. The administrative staff in this state earns $ 18,210 – $ 52,520. According to the UN salary range for these professions that loss into the P4 category, the level of earnings is significantly higher.