UFC ring girls who simply make a tiny appearance throughout the match and events prior to the fight. Exactly how much money carry out they gain paid? right here you will view the details of the ring girls’ income per match and also main PPV-event. In 2018, TSM Sportz revealed the list of the incomes of UFC ring girls. According to the Arianny Celeste’s highest-paid girl.

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The website revealed a ring girl payment $700-$500 every match. UFC girls earn much more money when they selected because that the key pay-per-view event. The earnings details friend will check out in the offered table bring away from reliable resources.

UFC Ring Girls wages 2019 (Revealed)
Ring Girls Match Fees PPV-Event Annual Earnings
Arianny Celeste $1000 $5000 $1 Million
Brittney Palmer $1000 $5000 $30,000
Camila Oliveira $1000 $5000 $50,000
Rachelle Leah $1000 $5000 $20,000
Chrissy Blair $1000 $5000 $30,000
Vanessa Hanson $1000 $5000 $20,000
Carly Baker $1000 $5000 $30,000

Arianny Celeste is the highest-paid ring girl follow to MMA sources. Ring girl salaries become breaking news as soon as Ronda Rousey who is a top-paid female athlete in mixed martial arts comment “I don’t understand if the ring girls acquire paid too much or the battle aircraft don’t get paid enough, but yeah over there is certainly a lot an ext than fighters do than lock do, so i think that it is one thing that is unfair” (The Sun).

Arianny Celeste and some various other ring girls pay come from modeling work-related with such as Maxim, sports Illustrated, FHM, Instagram and also advertisement contract they signed. However besides this, they get paid indigenous the company they work and also pay count on firm location, industry, and experience.

Arianny Celeste income ($1 Million):


How she do $1 million a year, KGB answers claimed that Celeste is really well payment in 2015, with the network worth $1 million. She models for sports Illustrated, FHM and others which doubles she yearly earnings from $50,000 come $1 million. In 2017, Her annual earnings are $19,000 yearly according to (Crunchy Sports).

There is no official information about the ring girls wages announced by UFC. But there are couple of reports declared that a ring girl it s okay paid indigenous $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

Camila Oliveira earnings ($50,000):


Currently, the second most find ring girl in UFC is from Brazil Camila Oliveira. She is appearing in the main pay-per-view events alongside Arianny Celeste and also Brittany Palmer. Her estimated earnings yearly stated to be $50,000. This does not include her photoshoots session and advertisement appearances.

Brittney Palmer income ($30,000):


Brittney Palmer is energetic since 2005 and also well recognized for she appearances in UFC events. In 2018, the sports site (TSM Sportz) declared that she earn $25,000 to $30,000 a year.

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All the over details are taken from different sources, it is tough to think which report is based upon true facts. UFC never ever shares the jae won details of their staff and athletes yet there room such reports available claimed the taken native MMA sources.