In this post, we check out the question of how much Uber drivers generally make, every year, operation in new Orleans, Louisiana.

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To find out an ext about coming to be an Uber driver in brand-new Orleans, check out our full city article here.

How much is an Uber driver’s value in new Orleans, Louisiana?

Our estimate for vehicle drivers operating in new Orleans is about $34,413 every year (a finish list of Uber pay approximates by city is available here).

An ‘Average Driver’

An typical Uber driver works about 30 hours per week.

The mean trip because that an Uber driver pays the end $11.03, and also drivers supposedly complete about 2 complete trips per hour (i.e., one hourly earnings complete of $22.06).

Since an median Uber driver works around 30 hrs per week, the total per-week income are $661.80 — making a year salary for a driver $34,413.

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This yearly complete includes a stormy estimation that operating cost (fuel, maintenance, taxes, fares and also tolls). However, prices differ substantially depending top top vehicle, driver, and also a driver’s rideshare strategy.

New Orleans High Demand areas – 

Make much more Money together an Uber Driver in brand-new Orleans by steering in ‘Hot Spot’ Locations

If you desire to make even an ext money as an Uber driver in brand-new Orleans, run at these times:

New orleans Hotspot Map:

Sign as much as drive with Uber or Lyft for a cash bonus!

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