Doug Shartzer of Somerville, who has fished because that bluefin tuna recreationally, starts breaking under a 600-pound fish that was accidentally recorded by seine anglers last main in Belfast Harbor. The anglers donated the fish come the Belfast Soup Kitchen. Credit: Courtesy of Doug Shartzer

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BELFAST, Maine — Atlantic bluefin tuna is just one of the most prized fish in the world, and also on the open up market, a 600-pound fish might sell because that as much as $10,000.

But in Belfast, patrons the the Belfast Soup Kitchenwill dine following week on locally caught bluefin tuna steaks for totally free after Maine anglers donated an accidentally captured fish to the non-profit organization.

That’s many thanks to a turn of events that still boggles the mental of Jamie Steeves of Rockland’s J&J Lobster. The crew that his advertising fishing watercraft were turn off Belfast last Friday morning, using a seine net to fish because that pogies, a fish offered as bait because that the lobster industry. Suddenly, though, the smaller fish disappeared and the net began dancing.

They had captured a 600-pound bluefin tuna in the net, completely by mistake.

“What taken place shouldn’t have happened. What us did was certainly an accident,” Steeves claimed Thursday.

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Fishermen that accidentally recorded a 600-pound bluefin tuna critical week in Belfast harbor donated it to the Belfast Soup Kitchen. Credit: Courtesy that Jamie Steeves

Still, butchering bluefin tuna is not something she has actually experience doing. Shartzer offered to come up the adhering to day to help.

“He lugged the knives he needed and also everything,” Merrill said. “He for sure knew what he was doing.”

Shartzer and four volunteers spent four or 5 hours filleting tuna steaks and vacuum sealing usable portions to location in the freezer. They likewise saved scrap pieces with the intentionally of making canned tuna fish v it.

“It come out beautiful,” Merrill said.

Shartzer likewise was maybe to acquire 50 pounds the top-quality toro tuna from the fatty component of the fish. This is the many prized component and expensive component of a tuna, and also used because that sushi.

After the butchering was done, the volunteer did sample few of the fish for lunch.

“The toro just melted in your mouth. It was fantastic,” Shartzer said.

Merrill said the Belfast Soup Kitchen may save the toro come use during a fundraiser dinner, with money elevated being offered towards the purchase of a walk-in cooler.

Next week, though, the guests at the soup kitchen will reap marinated tuna steaks with regional bok choy and also rice.

“Talk around local,” Merrill said. “We spread 10,000 pounds the local create last month. To add fish recorded in the ocean to that is an extremely exciting.”