Tanked is a TV show that ran because that 15 periods from 2011 to December the 2018 on animal Planet. The present glossesweb.comvers the daily lives the Acrylic Tank manufacturing (ATM) employees. When there are fans that loved the display for that is theme and celebrity appearances, the Tanked TV show cast was exciting and fun.

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1. Brett Raymer

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brettraymerSource: UGC

Brett Raymer is a businessperson and also the glossesweb.com-owner the ATM. On Tanked, Brett makes an important decisions (together with the this firm glossesweb.com-owner). His job summary and role as the glossesweb.commpany’s picture make his TV function exciting to watch.

Brett works through his father, Irwin, pagan (sister), and also Wayde (bother-in-law). In addition to task pressure, the four have an additional layer of glossesweb.comnnection — family. If their key job is to run Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, castle must defend their family ties.

The TV star to be married to Melissa Bradford because that close to ten years. As Brett Raymer’s wife, she was affiliated in the formation of the glossesweb.commpany. However, after their divorce, Melisa left the glossesweb.commpany. Also, Melissa gave Brett custody the their two children.

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After divorcing Melissa, Brett spent more time building his glossesweb.commpany. However, a few months glossesweb.comme the show’s first season, that met Trisha Marie Chamberlain. If the two room not yet officially married, lock live together.


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Brett Raymer’s inglossesweb.comme is unknown. However, his agency makes $8-10 million every year. Together the that glossesweb.commpany glossesweb.com-founder, that receives a substantial share of the inglossesweb.comme. Also, the entrepreneur to buy a $1.15 million.

2. Wayde King

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wayde.r.kingSource: UGC

Wayde King is a TV star and also a glossesweb.com-founder the ATM Aquariums. Top top Tanked, Wayde appears in 96 episodes and all the eight specials. His function revolves about negotiating faces clients and, an ext importantly, overseeing the glossesweb.commpany’s daily operations.

When the question of “who started ATM Aquariums” mister up, over there are frequently mixed reactions, glossesweb.comnsidering the relationship in between Wayde and also Raymer’s family. However, both Brett and also Wayde agree that they glossesweb.com-started the glossesweb.commpany.

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What happened to Wayde indigenous Tanked? after rumours of residential violence against Heather, animal Planet cancelled the show. However, he is still part of the ATM Aquariums and also runs his other agency — King Water Filtration.


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Acglossesweb.comrding glossesweb.comme Celebrity network worth, that is precious $5 Million. The precious is indigenous his businesses and reality television. His water filtration agency also glossesweb.comntributes glossesweb.comme his yearly inglossesweb.comme in addition to his share from ATM.

3. Irwin Raymer

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irwin.raymer.7Source: UGC

Irwin Raymer is the oldest actors member in the Tanked. Typically known as “the fixer,” Irwin helps the ATM employee in solving glossesweb.commplex problems, both in business and also relational. Because that example, working through his kids creates a perfect setting for him as a father when sibling rivalry between Brett and also Heather arises.

Before working at ATM, Irwin was affiliated in selling machinery. When ATM deals with producing customised aquariums, machinery understanding is critical, especially when estimating building glossesweb.comsts. Therefore, Irwin is a critical figure in the basic management of ATM.

When Wayde King relocated to ras Vegas, Irwin was the an initial to glossesweb.commmunicate with him. Their glossesweb.commmon love for fish and aquariums make him introduce Wayde glossesweb.comme his daughter Heather and also later Brett.


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Irwin’s financial information is unknown. However, he has three inglossesweb.comme streams. That still functions at ATM, even after his son-in-law’s divorce with his daughter. Seglossesweb.comnd, the Tanked introduced him glossesweb.comme the civilization of acting. Finally, Irwin also sells machinery, return he marketed his vault glossesweb.commpany.

4. Heath King

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heatherking_tankedSource: UGC

Heather King is one acglossesweb.comuntant by profession. She remained in charge of publications on Tanked, and all transactions through the agency must obtain a nod from her. In some instances, Wayde and Brett delegate she to negotiate on behalf of the glossesweb.commpany in deals.

Apart from her passion for bookkeeping, she loves fish and also building customised aquariums. She love because that fish provides her function interesting, particularly when creating glossesweb.commplicated aquariums in terms of designs.

In enhancement to balancing she roles, she interacts through her family and Wayde. The interactions — the revolve roughly family and Wayde — develop unscripted glossesweb.comnflicts and also sometimes passionate and also love moments.

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Are Wayde and Heather tho together? No. In 2019, TMZ reported the Heather has filed for divorce. Also, Heather’s Instagram bio shows that she is no much longer married to Wayde King. However, she decision glossesweb.comme retain she ex-husband’s surname was unprecedented, specifically glossesweb.comnsidering why they broke up.

While she has worked at Acrylic Tank manufacturing as one acglossesweb.comuntant for close to two decades, her real worth is unknown. However, Heather has multiple revenue streams, apart from gift a TV star and also an acglossesweb.comuntant.

5. Agnes Wilczynski

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agneswilczynskiSource: UGC

Agnes Wilczynski join the display in 2011. In the last 15 seasons, she job summary in the glossesweb.commpany is answering calls, and more importantly, she is the glossesweb.commpany’s sales representative.

Before authorized Tanked, Agnes was a sales representative in a Ferrari dealership in ras Vegas. Working v the dealership provided her a better understanding of just how to speak to deluxe clients and, an ext importantly, exactly how to negotiate deals.

Is Agnes native Tanked married? No. Return she is in her 40s, Agnes is not married, and also she does not have actually children. When she is no working, she loves glossesweb.comme travel and exploring the world. Personally from her dedication to the show, Agnes is famous because of her holiday pictures.

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While some resources such together Affair short article have speculated her net worth to it is in $8 million, Agnes indigenous Tanked is security of she financial details. However, showing up in an ext than 70 episodes has offered her exposure for an ext revenue streams.

6. Robert Christlieb (Robbie Redneck)

rednecksfamilylifeSource: UGC

Robert Christlieb is the most technical person on Tanked. In ATM, his job description entails supervising new aquariums and ensuring the crew gives clients value for money. Therefore, that interacts v artists, designers, and also management.

Robbie Redneck, as he is frequently called, provides viewers one unscripted endure of what happens in an acrylic glossesweb.commpany. Because that example, the procedure of actualising draft and, an ext importantly, the hrs spent to develop customised aquariums.

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Robert is single and resides close to the warehouse. Due to the fact that he is single, the is an ext involved v ATM’s operations than other employees. Due to the fact that of Robert’s marital status, he is frequently a soft target to jokes, particularly from his glossesweb.comlleagues and junior crew members.

Before working with ATM, Robert lived and also worked in glossesweb.comlorado. However, as soon as ATM remained in its formative stages, he dubbed Wayde to inquire if ATM to be hiring. Many thanks to his experience working in ~ an acrylic glossesweb.commpany, Wayne offered him a chance to work with his glossesweb.commpany. Redneck Tanked net worth is unknown. However, his primary earnings is the salary from ATM.

Although the show ended in 2018 after ~ 15 seasons, that is still among the most-watched shows on animal Planet. Unlike many reality reflects in the USA, Tanked TV show actors was made up by working-class and therefore making the show relatable. Also after the display ended, the cast members are still extremely respected in the USA film scene, primarily due to the fact that of your longevity and unscripted interactions.

glossesweb.glossesweb.comm has developed a substantial glossesweb.comverage the the cast of , spanning their roles and what they room up glossesweb.comme now. Outnumbered was one of the most renowned shows top top BBC the aired between 2007 and also 2014.

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You will certainly be surprised to see how some of your favourite children on the show, such together Tyger drew (Jake) and also Daniel Roche (Ben) have actually grown increase so much. Besides, several of the actors members have actually landed various other roles on brother TV.