The real Housewives of Dallas is tho a relatively brand-new jewel in the Bravo crown, yet the featured Texas ladies bring just as lot drama together their counterparts in Beverly Hills, Atlanta, et al. Just like the remainder of the look at unstoppable franchise, RHOD heavily attributes exotic locales, stunning mansions, and also swoon-worthy clothing and jewelry. The ladies talk about their significant wealth ~ above the show from time to time, particularly as it pertains to social ranking, yet they save the actual figures hush-hush. Indeed, this might be since there are some who have actually inherited your money and others who have actually earned it fair and also square. 

So, what about Brandi Redmond from Real Housewives that Dallas? The star is a busy mom who, after graduating indigenous Texas Women"s University, never left the state. The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is vocal around how the other ladies shouldn"t take it her feeling of humor as well seriously, but, once it involves money, she isn"t joking around.

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According come Bravo"s website, Brandi Redmond native Real Housewives of Dallas is a former All-Star and Pro-Bowl cheerleader, and she has actually cheered because that the Cowboys 5 times overall. She RHOD co-stars rallied roughly her decision to adopt a baby v her hubby, Bryan, who has actually a profitable real estate job. Gazette Review reported the Redmond"s husband helped uncovered the hugely rewarding company Suntex Ventures, and, notably, his job-related for the company took a toll on their home life and also on the couple"s two various other children.

It"s unclear even if it is Redmond earn a large amount for her prior cheerleading work, but Bryan"s demanding job, which often reasons conflict in between them ~ above the show, definitely helped elevate her to a brand-new status in society. Ago in 2017, Gazette Review readily available a figure of $4 million, saying most of she wealth originates from Bryan"s work.

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The earnings of the RHOD stars haven"t to be publicly revealed, but, according to Direct Expose, Bravo"s women stand to earn, at the very least, $100,000 every season depending upon the franchise. Direct Expose reported the RHOD star Stephanie Hollman earns $275,000. As she and Redmond have both been through the show since the beginning, they most likely take home similar paychecks.

Real Housewives has upped Redmond"s profile considerably, though, which will surely command to more solo revenue in the future. However, she confessed it"s caused her to look inwards too, particularly at the difficulties in her very own marriage. "Watching myself — i was a small bit disappointed in the fact that I could have been really upset through my husband and also put a most blame ~ above him," she admitted come Page Six in September 2019.

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However, quite than do Redmond want to ask her head in the sand, she described being top top the hit show as "therapeutic," meaning, nevertheless of earnings, the display is precious its load in gold once it concerns Redmond"s self-worth.