American Idol: Highest-Paid Judges ~ above The Show, Ranked By value A complete ranking of the highest-paid judges top top American Idol over the years. Discover out i beg your pardon judges got the highest salaries indigenous the show.

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plenty of high-profile celebrities have actually gone on to become judges on American Idol over the years, but some the them to be paid much higher salaries 보다 others. Alas, prior to getting to the highest-paid judges, it is crucial to note the wages of certain notable judges the didn"t make the list. These room judges prefer Harry Connick Jr. ($3.5 million every season), Randy Jackson ($6.5 million every season), Paula Abdul ($8 million every season), Keith city ($8 million every season), Steven Tyler ($10 million per season), and also Lionel Richie ($10 million per season). Every one of these celebrities to be paid very high wages to appear in the judging panel of American Idol, yet they weren"t in reality the highest-paid judges ever. After 19 seasons on the air, specific stars have managed to floor the best contracts in the history of the series. So, let"s analyze the judges with the highest possible salaries in Idol history.

Two musicians are tied together the 5th highest-paid judges on American Idol: Luke Bryan and Nicki Minaj. Every of them got a value of $12 million per season. With that said, Luke Bryan has actually now showed up as a referee on Idol for 4 seasons, which method that the has currently earned a complete of $48 million from the show. In turn, Nicki Minaj was just featured in one season of American Idol, so her revenue stopped at $12 million.

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4. Jennifer Lopez ($17.5 million)

~ the initial trinity of American Idol judges left the series, Fox went after veteran popular music star Jennifer Lopez to join the show"s judging panel. During her many years top top the show, J-Lo landed a value of $17.5 million per season. This not only catapulted she career to new heights, however it additionally reinvigorated a franchise that had actually been slowing down for a few seasons at that allude in time. As a result, Jennifer Lopez stayed in the judging dashboard for plenty of years, sit alongside the likes of Steven Tyler, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr.

As The Voice kept rising in ratings by casting increasingly famous celebrities, American Idol tried come mimic that model by casting the likes that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj as the judges for season 12. Considering the "I don"t understand her" dynamic that Mariah Carey has established in regards to Jennifer Lopez end the years, it comes together no surprised that Mimi negotiated an Idol salary the was just greater than J-Lo"s. Come come onto American Idol season 12 as a judge, Mariah Carey was paid a salary of $18 million.

2. Katy Perry ($25 million)

In stimulate to efficiently reboot the American Idol series, ABC got to out to multi-platinum popular music star Katy Perry and offered her an exceptional salary that $25 million every season. This make sense offered how popular Katy is together a musician, yet that figure additionally made her the highest-paid female judge in the history of American Idol - surpassing the likes of Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez. After four seasons in the judging panel, Katy has currently made $100 million together a judge on the show.

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The many iconic American Idol referee of every time, Simon Cowell was obtaining paid as much as $36 million per season by the moment that that left the series. There were reports the Fox to be willing to salary Simon even more money to store him around, however the judge chose to leave American Idol after ~ season 9 to launch his very own reality competition, the American execution of The X Factor. He additionally stayed in the judging panel for America"s acquired Talent over the years.