For years now, yellow Rush has been the go-to ar for part top-notch entertainment. Native high-speed action to unpredictable adventure, it is a an excellent pleasure to watch the yellow Rush actors as they challenge brutal mines and forces that nature. We believe that on height of all the luck the Gold Rush cast earns in your profession, they likewise get a substantial salary together stars of the hit exploration show.

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Find out once and for all, what castle earn with the entire Gold rush cast’s network worth and salary. Also, in their bio, see interesting facts around their early and also married life.


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Parker Schnabel net Worth & Salary; how much is Parker indigenous Gold sirloin worth?Todd Hoffman’s network Worth and Salary

Parker Schnabel network Worth & Salary; just how much is Parker from Gold sirloin worth?

Parker Schnabel is the young prodigy who came to be one that the biggest gold miners to it is in famous about the world. Schnabel’s grandfather, man Schnabel, was the original leading gold miner and also the owner of large Nugget Mine in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. While john was the main star in season 1, us did see little 15-year-old Parker Schnabel guest-star in some episodes.


Caption: yellow Rush cast Parker Schnabel’s network worth and also salary

Little did us know, Parker Schnabel was a prodigy in the making the was accompanying his grandfather to the gold mine because he was 5 years old. Born top top July 22, 1994, Parker came to be a permanent ‘Gold Rush’ cast since season 2, overcome the operations of his grandfather’s mine. By 18 years old, Schnabel was leasing grounds from co-star and gold mining legend, Tony Beets, and also by 24 years old, he had actually mined end $13 million worth of yellow in total.

Sadly, Parker’s grandfather, mentor, and ‘Gold Rush’ actors for end six periods passed far on march 18, 2016, in his sleep. The very next season of yellow Rush was all around Parker Schnabel dedicating it to his grandfather, who had been by his next throughout his career till then.


Caption: Parker Schnabel with grandfather John Schnabel.

It is no surprise just how Parker Schnabel’s net worth is approximately $8 million. Even this estimation to be done means back in 2012, for this reason in 2020, it need to have absolutely grown larger while some sources place her net worth at approximately $9 million while many others calculation it in ~ a much higher at an almost right of $10 million.

Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend, Ashley

Parker Schnabel’s parents are Nancy Schnabel and also Roger Schnabel. You could know his father very well as he frequently. Parker Schnabel’s dating life is pretty secretive, yet we acquired to see his girlfriend, Ashley Youle, in gold Rush. Schnabel met his girlfriend in one of his favourite vacation destination, Australia. However, the two referred to as it quits after ~ over two years the relationship.


Caption: Parker Schnabel through ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle

Tony Beets net Worth & Salary

Tony Beets is a yellow miner the the legendary scale in Klondike, Alaska. In the an initial seasons, we see him merely as a mentor to the mine owner who leases his land come Parker Schnabel, but he is additionally like a rival to him. Annually the two try to upstage each other.


Caption: yellow Rush actors Tony Beets net Worth and salary

A man born in Holland lugged up in a farm and who resides with his household in Arizona as soon as he is no mining; Tony Beets is full of surprises. However, as soon as it comes down to business, Tony Beets can gain mean come the bone. He has actually an obvious salary of about $25,000 per illustration on the show. So, it is really no that surprising to find out that Tony Beets’ net worth earlier in 2013 was about $15 million.

What perform you expect out of a man who own multiple mines, including his most recent one in clean Creek, he bought because that over $1 million? as of 2020, resources estimate his net worth may currently have end up being an unbelievable lot of $18 million.

Todd Hoffman’s network Worth and also Salary

Todd Hoffman was Parker Schnabel’s right-hand male for the most component of the series. He to be the lead foreman the the crew and even led second expeditions for Schnabel or temporarily come to be the leader in his absence. Like plenty of of his fans, Todd Hoffman agrees the he can properly work because that himself, therefore after eight seasons, the left the show in season 8.

Yes, one of the original cast members, Todd Hoffman, left the present after one unbeaten operation as both a yellow miner and also reality TV star as a Gold rush cast. However, it may not be over yet together Hoffman may just be coming the end of his ceo Parker Schnabel’s shadow. That has always talked around working for himself, and also there wasn’t a better time than this.

Caption: Todd Hoffman speaks around him quitting yellow Rush

What is he Doing Now?

It might not more than for him simply yet together he is in talks through Thom Beers, an executive, management producer of an additional hit discovery show ‘Bering Sea Gold’ because that a new reality display project. Although the entire project is still just a concept, you have the right to guess what that is title will certainly be. Hoffman also said that while the did not promise anything if it concerns pass, the show’s title will certainly be ‘Greenhorn Gold.’

Todd Hoffman’s net Worth

Todd Hoffman’s net worth the last time us did a review of was approximately $7 million together of 2011. Due to the fact that then, no main accounts of his net worth exist. However, together of 2020, since his departure from the fact show, we estimate his net worth may have actually declined. Plenty of outlets will certainly agree through us on this, yet at the exact same time, when someplace his net worth to be around $5 million, others calculation it to lot less far-reaching amount of roughly $500,000.

We ourself think that is around $5 million as well. Todd Hoffman might not be a reality star for now, yet his new project is in the works. The Sandy, Oregon indigenous who was born top top April 12, 1969, is currently additionally focusing ~ above his music career. The has many singles out choose Simple Man’ while he additionally releases his music as well as song covers on his YouTube Channel that has over 122k subscribers.

Caption: Todd Hoffman’s YouTube sheathe of ‘Someone friend Loved.’

Jack Hoffman’s net Worth and also Salary

It is not feasible we talk around Todd Hoffman there is no talking around his father, Jack Hoffman, who worked with his boy throughout his time in ‘Gold Rush.’ even his grandson or Todd’s son, Hunter, remained in their crew, making it certainly the family members business. Jack Hoffman to be a miner 25 year ago, and also now with his boy was revisiting his old dreams and also career.

At 72 year of age, Hoffman is much more likely to it is in complaining 보다 working, but you obtained to give it come the old man. A previous military male but likewise a religious one, Jack walk not offer up the mining life also if it death him. Rather in his yonsi age, he has helped or at the very least been a witness to his son’s crew pulling the end over 6,000 ounces that gold.

By calculation, Jack and also his crew space responsible because that unearthing an ext than $20 million worth of gold. While numerous sources have directly used the to calculation Jack Hoffman’s net worth as about $5 million, we doubt his network worth will equal the of his son, that is more in the prime of his career. We estimate Jack Hoffman’s net worth to be more accurately around $1.5 million together of 2020.

Dave Turin’s net Worth and also Salary

Dave Turin was another trusty member the the Parker Schnabel’s crew and great friend the Todd Hoffman. Born ~ above April 29, 1959, in Oregon, Turin ran his family’s quarry for 30 years through his father and three brothers. All this time, he became a master in managing heavy machinery, specifically the Bulldozer. That was lugged in the very first Gold sirloin season as specifically for expertise however took increase the task to work for Hoffman’s crew since season 2.

Over the years, he gained the name of ‘Bulldozer Dave.’ before Hoffman, it to be David Turin a season former in season 5 who chose it to be time to it is in his very own man. So he quit gold Rush, but fortunately for his fans, Turin was in contract for starring in his very own Gold rush spin-off series, ‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s lost Mines‘ indigenous 2019. The series already has actually a 2nd season running ideal now since the start of 2020.

Dave Turin’s net worth in the beginning of 2012 was around $2 million. His network worth revisited because that 2020 is roughly grown come $3 million. Now that he has his very own show, we don’t doubt such a sudden boost in his net worth.

Chris Doumitt’s net Worth and also Salary

Chris Doumitt is another OG member the the ‘Gold Rush’ cast, which is yes, really surprising considering exactly how he came to be a yellow miner no so long before the begin of the show. Doumitt is actually a carpenter, a profession he had complied with for over 25 years. He concerned Klondike to build a cabin because that co-star Greg Remsburg but somehow chose to stay and become a yellow miner.

His hard work ethic together a carpenter and being carried up in a farm yard made him a perfect fit because that the time. In no time, he was contending with and versus the rest of the actors to mine vast amounts of gold. Thus, he is just one of the very couple of consecutive members that the Gold sirloin cast due to the fact that its inception. His dedication and hard job-related did prove come be profitable as kris Doumitt’s net worth as of 2020 are approximately $500,000.

Chris Doumitt’s earning; one resource even has actually made insurance claims to be over $1.2 million indigenous the show. If the is true, chris Doumitt may an extremely well it is in a millionaire. However, so far, our estimate of his network worth speak a various tale, however we must not doubt a high net worth and salary that a male who has had great success functioning for first Todd Hoffman and also then Parker Schnabel in the show.

Greg Remsburg network Worth and Salary

Greg Remsburg was among the oldest friends that Todd Hoffman, considering they knew each various other in high school and was not just in the basketball team but also were locker neighbors. However, Greg came right into Hoffman’s crew under complicated circumstances. He to be under unemployment, and also it could not be a hit or a miss with the ‘Gold Rush.’ No wonder there was constantly conflict among the Hoffman crew, and also even Todd and Greg hit the wall surface at the finish of season 3.

After that, Greg would return to season 4, authorized Parker Schnabel’s team and then wholly quitting the show in season 5. We don’t know what taken place to Greg Remsburg since, yet he tho has enough TV credits to host a distinguishable net worth. Greg Remsburg’s net worth in 2014 was just $400,000, however today his net worth is around over $1 million. That is no surprise for a person whose salary is end $30,000 per episode.

“Dakota” Fred Hurt net Worth and Salary

Fred Hurt, or as he is famous, Dakota Fred, was one more one of the original ‘Gold Rush’ cast. In season1, he was v the Hoffman group, but because season 2, Dakota Fred began working separately with a crew that his own. Among his team was his own son, Dustin Hurt.

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Along with his figure on season 1 with 5, Dakota Fred additionally was a leading star that the mid-season collection ‘Gold Rush: White Waters. He would certainly not return for season 6 of gold Rush and instead focus on his own reality series, ‘All the Glitters.’ when sources place Dakota Fred’s net worth at roughly $6 million, this was method back in 2012. His net worth through his own brand-new show and also all have to be around $7 million.

Gold Rush actors Net precious & Salary

Gold sirloin CastNet Worth
Parker Schnabel$9 million to $10 million
John Schnabel$7 million
Tony Beets$18 million
Todd Hoffman$5 million
Jack Hoffman$1.5 million
Dave Turin$3 million
Chris Doumitt$500,000
Greg Remsburg$1 million
Dakota Fred Hurt$7 million