One that the coolest things about being on Teen mommy is that you can totally make a lot of money because that you and also your family.

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Like, a lot.

The moms and also original dads the the MTV franchise make hundreds of thousands every season, if you can even think it.

They likewise get to take trip for totally free when filming, i beg your pardon is nice neat because we've to be seeing an ext vacations ~ above the show.

At least in pre-Covid times. Anyway ...

But besides the show itself, cast members room pulling in crazy quantities of cash from every kinds that wild and also crazy locations these days.

"Like where?" you might be wondering.

Well, wonder no more ...

Not only do we have the freshest intel on how the Moms do their loot, we ultimately know specifically who's the wealthiest.

So scroll on for the latest, and as a bonus you can enjoy the sluggish financial decreases of Jenelle Evans. You know you've been waiting for this!



As we"ve said, the original cast members -- the moms and the dads the their first children -- all do the very same amount, i beg your pardon is what in the ar of $350,000 come $400,000 a season. But what else does anyone do?

2.Jumping best In


Before we get to just how they make their money, let"s give you what you came below for: the details on exactly how much the cast members are apparently worth. Keep in mind the it"s complicated to know exactly what a celebrity"s net worth is, specifically when you consider how lot some of the Teen mom crew security in lawyer fees, yet we"ll execute our best, OK?

3.Jade Cline - $250,000


Jade is a newcomer, which method her value isn"t together high together the other girls". Yet she"s got some side hustles (like offering diet gummies), and she"s already attained a net worth of around $250,000.

4.Cheyenne Floyd - $450,000


Cheyenne is also one the the newer cast members, but at the time she joined the cast, she was already known to some fans from her appearances on space You The One. Ms. Floyd is worth $450,000.

5.Jenelle Evans - $30,000


There was a time that Jenelle"s net worth was much, much greater -- just a few years ago, it to be reported come be approximately $2 million. However, more recent reports case that she"s now worth about $30,000. This makes sense, considering she doesn"t show up on the show anymore and she and David Eason have melted through so lot of she reality display fortune paying for lawyers and court fees.

6.Briana DeJesus - $750,000

Briana"s a born hustler. The mix of Teen mother 2 stardom and also multiple service ventures has brought her come a net worth of $750,000.

7.Amber Portwood - ???

This one is interesting, because while part sites list Amber"s net worth at a tiny over a million dollars, rather a couple of claim the these days, her net worth is only $10,000. Considering how small she appears to do and how often she"s had actually to pay for lawyers, we have to imagine come $10,000 figure is much closer to the truth.

8.Maci Bookout - $1.5 Million

Maci is one more Teen mommy with some major hustle, so it makes sense the she"s worth fine over a million dollars.

9.Leah Messer - $1.2 Million

Meanwhile, Leah is worth somewhere in between $750,000 and $1.2 million. An excellent for her, right?

10.Catelynn Lowell - $1.3 Million

Catelynn resides pretty frugally contrasted to most of her other Teen Moms, therefore a $1.3 million net worth makes sense. Tyler"s is report to be about the same.

11.Kailyn Lowry - $1.7 Million

Now we"re acquiring into the really large bucks. Kailyn Lowry is precious a reported $1.7 million.

12.Chelsea Houska - $200,000

Again, there space conflicting reports because that Chelsea"s net worth, but the most recent reports placed it around $200,000.

13.Farrah Abraham - $1 Million

Love she or dislike her, there"s no denying the Farrah"s got some hustle, and also that"s why she"s one of the couple of Teen Moms v a reported net worth that $1 million. Her father has actually asserted that she"s acquired quite a bit more money that that even, yet we can"t really to trust that. Still, a million dollars is definitely nothing come shake a pole at.

14.Amber Portwood

Let"s start with reviewing Amber"s next hustles -- this will be the most basic to do, due to the fact that she really doesn"t have actually any.

15.Not Much

She shares posts on she Instagram page, which brings in part money, and she did appear on the one season of marital relationship Boot Camp a few years ago, for this reason that"s something.

16.A rapid Hobby

For a small while there, she gained into flipping residences with Matt Baier, however she hasn"t done that since he"s to be gone.

17.Forever Haute

She did have actually that sketchy clothing company for a small while, Forever Haute, but she hasn"t talked around it in a very long time, and the brand"s Facebook page hasn"t been updated in over three years, for this reason it"s probably safe come say that that"s done.

18.Well ...

Right now, she"s top top probation for being convicted of assaulting Andrew Glennon, so she money-making avenues may be a little bit limited.

19.Net Worth?

As for how much money Amber still has these days, it"s difficult to say. She"s had actually to have actually earned one insane quantity of money the the years, yet with every the lawyer fees and court expenses she"s had to pay, and all the money that"s gone to drugs, she may not have actually as much as you"d imagine. Specifically with the recent news that she"s been sued for no paying the $600 fee for her homeowner"s combination -- times need to be tough, girlfriend know?

20.Gary Shirley

As an initial dad, Gary provides the very same money that Amber does, however unlike Amber, he"s been very smart through it.


Like, the man used come sell condoms with his face on them, he to know what he"s doing.

22.Doing Good

In addition to the condoms, Gary offered to offer homemade baked products -- that loves to cook! this days, he own a few homes that he rental fees out, and also he"s a cop now, too!

23.Sounds around Right

Gary reportedly has a net worth of roughly $500,000, i m sorry sounds best -- all points considered, he simply may be collection for life.

24.Matt Baier

While Gary is probably set for life in ~ this point because the his substantial salary and also his clever choices, Matt isn"t in the same boat at all.

25.Sorry, Bud

He only appeared on the show for a pair of seasons as Amber"s boyfriend, for this reason his salary was reportedly somewhere around $5,000 come $10,000 per episode.


He did marital relationship Boot Camp v Amber, so he make something there, and also he"s released a book. However these days, he stays in las Vegas and seems to execute quite a little bit of gambling. Us can"t imagine he has much, if any, that his Teen mom money left, and also if he did, that would most likely all go to child support.

27.Andrew Glennon

Andrew most likely earned the same thing Matt did, but unlike Matt, he had a secure career before he became a regular on Teen mother -- he operated in film.

28.Working Hard

He worked in production on marriage Boot Camp, i beg your pardon is whereby he met Amber, and after they began dating, the did part stuff v some buddies for a film. He"s additionally gotten into day trading and also he appears to it is in doing well v it.

29.A Mystery

There"s no native on specifically how much money he has these days, yet considering that he"s the kid of a famed cinematographer who grew up in Malibu, we"d say he"s going to it is in OK regardless.

30.Maci Bookout

Moving appropriate along to Maci, who, the course, makes bank from the show. Like most of the moms, she posts posts on social media too, but most that us currently know what her best side hustle is.

31.Things the Matter

Along through husband Taylor McKinney, Maci own a clothing company called points That Matter, and also unlike Amber"s Forever Haute, they put a whole lot that work into it.


In addition to all that, she works full-time with a social media marketing firm -- she operation the company, too, however she"s stated she keeps every that work "very separate" from she Teen mom stuff.

33.Oh Wow

OK, and also are you ready for this? Her net worth is speculated to it is in somewhere in between 1.5 and 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS. No too bad for a teen mom, huh?

34.Ryan Edwards

It"s walking to it is in a little of a shock to go from stating Maci"s amazing occupational ethic come talking around Ryan"s, but, well, right here we are.


When friend think of Ryan this days, friend may emphasis on all the drugs and the arrests, however he in reality does have a work history besides Teen mom -- he provided to be a lineman.

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A couple of years ago Mackenzie Standifer asserted that he still worked as a lineman, and also that he was additionally a diesel mechanic, but we"re not certain if he"s tho doing any kind of of that. It appears kind that unlikely, considering just how much time he"s spent in jail and rehab end the past couple of years, yet we yes, really don"t recognize for sure.

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Teen Mom: just how the cast Members do SO much MONEY
Teen Mom: how Do They make SO lot MONEY?!
Teen Mom: We finally Know that the Richest actors Member Is!
Teen Mom: Here's exactly how the actors Members make SO much MONEY!
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