Spirit airlines is one ultra low expense airline and also is additionally the 9th largest airline in the joined States. If you space thinking about applying to end up being a flight attendant and also live in an area lock service, you need to consider using with them

This write-up is a guide to applying for a project with soul Airlines and will provide you part background top top them, the value they pay, their scheduling, their hubs, and other needed info to become a flight attendant for them. This post will also show you exactly how to end up being a trip attendant for heart Airlines if you’ve never been a trip attendant before.

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Spirit Airlines

Spirit is one of the largest low price airlines in the joined States. They have actually an outstanding fleet of over 150 aircraft. They run throughout the joined States as well as some international destinations. Castle offer organization to 77 destinations. They also currently employ over 8900 aviation professionals including hundreds of flight attendants. Their headquarters is in Miramar, Florida (which is in the Miami metro area).

Spirit airlines has been in business because 1983 has yearly revenues of end $3 billion.

How to come to be a flight Attendant with spirit Airlines

In bespeak to end up being a trip attendant with heart Airlines, you’ll very first have to accomplish the basic requirements the a flight attendant. Although few of the requirements are collection by the FAA because that all flight attendants, there are also some the are specific to Spirit.

Here is a perform of these needs specifically for soul Airlines:

Although these are the demands to be considered, spirit considers the ideal candidates to also have this qualifications:

A university degreefluent in a 2nd language (preferably Spanish(Hold a valid drivers license

If you fulfill these requirements, you have to go ahead and also submit an applications on their employment website found here.

Getting Hired

If this is your an initial time applying to be a flight attendant, make certain to examine out our overview to aid people just like you. It’s a guide to assist you become a flight attendant through no experience.

Spirit Airlines flight Attendant Salary

The pay for trip attendants at heart Airlines is in line v other local and low-cost airlines.

The beginning range for a new flight attendant is in the variety of $13-16/hour follow to self-reported numbers from previous trip attendants together reported come Glassdoor and also Payscale.

As friend gain much more experience and seniority you can expect come make much more. Flight attendants v over 5 years of seniority with spirit Airlines have the right to expect to make an ext than $30/hour.

You can expect to make over $50/hour once you’ve to be there for over 10 years.

Bonuses, Commission, and Profit Sharing

Like many airlines, soul Airlines flight attendants additionally have the ability to earn added income.

There are plenty of variable that influence your capability to knife this additional income. This consists of things choose the profitability of the company and your own performance as a flight attendant.


Spirit trip Attendant maintain Program

Spirit Airlines supplies a training regime for all recently hired flight attendants.

This program lasts because that 4 weeks and also is situated in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It contains a variety of topics prefer safety procedures, aircraft certain training, company policy, client service, an initial aid, and also more.

Attending a trip attendant school can price thousands the dollars. Being able to go through their routine is not only a large cost savings, however give friend some really valuable skills you can use in your career.

Spirit airline Hubs & residence Bases

Spirit airline Headquarters is situated in Florida. Below is a perform of their present hubs:

Atlantic CityChicago (O’hare)Dallas – ft WorthDetroit – MetroFort LauderdaleLas VegasOrlando

You deserve to expect to be based the end of one of these hubs together a trip attendant for spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines flight Attendant Schedule

Like most airlines, seniority for flight attendants is an extremely important in determining your schedule. As soon as you end up the training regime you will begin out in the reserve program. (If girlfriend aren’t acquainted with just how this works, read more about the here).

It’s likewise common that beforehand in her career together a trip attendant you’ll need to take flights that might not be your first pick. This contains flights top top weekends, in ~ night, and on holidays.

Once girlfriend have much more experience and seniority you’ll be able to get booked for flights ~ above a much more regular schedule. Together you progress in her career you’ll not only have the ability to pick much more desirable shifts but you’ll additionally earn much more money.

For much more detailed info on how flight attendant schedule work, see our overview on that here: trip Attendant Schedules

Is heart Airlines a good Place to Work?

There space a couple of very popular job-related web page that enable employees (current and former) to price their suffer working at stated company. We’ve taken the moment to this scores for spirit Airlines and a few of your competitors and also some of the largest airlines. Right here is a compilation of those scores:

Spirit airlines – 4.2/5.0Delta airlines – 4.1/5.0United airline – 4.0/5.0Southwest airline – 4.3/5.0American airline – 4.0/5.0Jet Blue – 4.1/5.0


How to Apply

According to soul Airlines themselves, the ideal place to use is directly on their website. You can view positions and apply straight on their work site.


Spirit airline is a good airline and also a an excellent place to start your trip attendant career. They offer a maintain program, have many happy current and former employees and a an excellent reputation. They also offer a an extremely competitive compensation package contrasted to many smaller airlines.

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If you’re interested in authorized the team, make certain to inspect their website for openings.