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I was recently educated that you need to complete a year"s worth of "ground work" before being maybe to become a flight attendant for Ns was wondering what excatly ground occupational entails?

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Flight Attendant FAQsGENERAL INFORMATION:Q: Is over there a minimum age requirement to be a flight Attendant?A: You have to be in ~ least 20 years old once you apply.Q: If ns interviewed formerly to it is in a flight Attendant, can I reapply or is over there a waiting period?A: If you have interviewed by phone or in person and also have not been selected for the trip Attendant position, you will not it is in eligible to reapply because that this position for 12 month from the date of your last interview. You are welcome to use for various other positions in ~ Airlines.Q: through when must I have a valid, unexpired passport to display eligibility to serve on global routes?A: friend must current a valid, unexpired passport book from your nation of beginning on the an initial day that Initial flight Attendant training, or you will be released from class.Q: If I do not at this time have a valid, unexpired passport, will certainly pay because that me to acquire a passport or come renew an expired passport?A: You should secure a existing passport publication at your own expense.Q: What is the biggest difficulty of gift a trip Attendant?A: it is a way of living change! Your work schedule will be established by your trip Attendant Seniority under a collective bargaining agreement. There will be plenty of instances once you will certainly not be awarded your desired days off. ~ above average, trip Attendants invest 100 nights a year in a hotel through consecutive nights away from home and all if living out of a suitcase. There is additionally the opportunity of rarely often rare operations and also aircraft re-routes as component of the normal trip Attendant lifestyle. That means schedules can readjust frequently and also unexpectedly. For instance, if friend planned on seeing family throughout your overnight in Salt Lake City, you can be rerouted and end up in Philadelphia as result of weather issues. Or, you can be in the jet-way getting ready to walk home and also receive a call to fly additional trips the day. Being flexible v your schedule and also maintaining a positive perspective is integral to being a successful flight Attendant.Q: What is the best component about gift a trip Attendant?A: You have actually the honor of gift an Ambassador because that Airlines. A customer can acquire through the airport and also onto our planes without ever before speaking come or needing assistance from an additional Employee. However, when on the aircraft our flight Attendants are ready to shine and showcase your Fun-LUVing Attitudes, moving legendary Hospitality, and also assuring the each and every customer feels welcomed and cared for—leaving a lasting impression: possibly turning negatives come positives, anticipating needs, ensuring that our Customers stay our Customers who tell your friends and also family around their an excellent experiences. Your overnights will enable you to explore different cities and make too many of new friends.Q: exactly how long is the probation period for brand-new hire flight Attendants?A: The probation duration is six months and begins upon effective graduation from Initial trip Attendant training. During the probation and also evaluation period, new hire flight Attendants space supported by a devoted group of Supervisors as well as Base Leadership. Every new Flight Attendant must successfully pass the probation period.INTERVIEW INFORMATION:Q: just how long will certainly it take to hear back if my resume is received?A: since we commonly have a remarkable amount of interest, it can take numerous months to end a year come hear back.Q: What is associated in the interview process?A: once your resume is submitted, it will certainly be reviewed in the order it to be received. The first step is a phone call interview. If selected from the point, friend would move to an in human being interview, that would be carried out by a Recruiter and a existing flight Attendant. In person interviews will take ar at our HDQ in Dallas, TX. Applicants will likewise be compelled to happen a physics performance requirements test. If selected to move forward native the interview process, a federal background check and drug test will be compelled as part of the pre-employment process. The procedure can take a while, so please be patient.TRAINING INFORMATION:Q: just how long is Initial trip Attendant Training?A: Currently, maintain is 4 weeks long and is held in Dallas, TX.Q: carry out I have to stay at the assigned hotel if I currently live in Dallas?A: Every trip Attendant trainee is forced to stay at the hotel during Flight Attendant training.Q: will I be paid during training?A: No. However, within 5 working job after your flight Attendant graduation, you will get $1,200 initial Training pay minus applicable taxes and benefit deductions. During training, girlfriend will also receive a $425 enjoy the meal stipend in the type of a pre-paid Visa card.Q: What grade execute I need to keep in bespeak to pass initial training?A: trip Attendant trainees much achieve a 90% or much better on each compelled exam. Trainees will likewise have to perform the needs of every proficiency or skill check, which tests knowledge in a certain area. Over there are constant proficiency, an abilities checks and exams throughout training.Q: If I execute not happen initial training due to academics, can I reapply?A: You may reapply. However, you must wait 12 months from the date of your last in human interview.PAY INFORMATION:Q: What is the pay rate for the trip Attendant position?A: Airlines new hire flight Attendants room paid $24.41 per trip, for the very first six month after happen Initial training. After successfully completing the probationary/onboarding period, the pay boosts to $24.72 per trip for the next six months. A “trip” is 243 nautical mile or about every 55 minute of trip time.Scheduled hrs are based upon operational needs. Top top reserve, trip Attendants commonly are reserved on typical for 72 trips every month. For a reserved “line” of expedition assignments, flight Attendants commonly are scheduled on median for 80 trips per month.Q: What is my every diem once I start flying?A: flight Attendants room paid an hourly every diem pin money for every hour the trip Attendant is away from your assigned flight Attendant base, beginning at the time of forced check-in and ending 30 minutes after arrival of their last pilgrimage in a sequence. This every diem is designated together compensation because that meals. The per diem allowance is right now $2.30 per hour.If a flight Attendant functions or deadheads ~ above a near International trip (near global is identified as destinations or flying located within the region of phibìc America however outside the the contiguous 48 united States), you will receive a per diem rate of $2.85 every hour. The Near international per diem will start at the report time the the duty period including Near international flying and also continues until the termination of the pairing.Q: carry out trip Attendants must pay for uniforms?A: The early stage uniform price is roughly $500, i m sorry is payroll deducted from each trip Attendant in increments that $25, twice a month. Each subsequent year, trip Attendants will obtain $220 in a uniform account for purchasing extr or replacement uniform pieces.RESERVE DUTY INFORMATION:Q: What does gift on “reserve” mean?A: There are a pair of types of reserve, but “Reserve” duty basically refers to being “on-call” for trips every the operational needs of the Company. Reserve trip Attendants must be in your assigned base city when on make reservation duty.Ready reserve is being on contact 24-hours per day, generally for a three-day block, all set to report come the trip Attendant base within a two-hour notice. This has Airport Standby, i m sorry is being referred to as to wait at her base to be assigned a trip.AM/PM make reservation is being on contact during particular hours that the job or night only. This are usually assigned because that three-day blocks.SCHEDULE INFORMATION:Q: What will the trip Attendant schedule look at like when Initial Training has been completed?A: for the very first month, new hire flight Attendants will certainly be assigned a line schedule the cannot be altered. Throughout the following 5 months the probation, brand-new hire trip Attendants will certainly be on “reserve” status, also known together “on call”, and trips will certainly be assigned to flight Attendants on one “as needed” basis.BASE INFORMATION:Q: wherein will i be based after training?A: Our existing Flight Attendant bases are in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, las Vegas, Orlando, Oakland and also Phoenix. Bases room assigned during Initial training, dependent upon the operational demands of the agency and seniority in ~ the cultivate class.Q: will certainly I be able to adjust bases during probation?A: as soon as a base opening becomes easily accessible (vacancies), they space awarded based upon trip Attendant seniority under the collective bargaining agreement. Over there is no limit to how countless times a flight Attendant have the right to bid to change bases, if on probation.Q: just how long will it take it me to carry to the base that ns prefer?A: that varies relying on the operational requirements of the agency and flight Attendant seniority. A transfer could occur in ~ a year, or it might take much longer to it is in awarded a desired base.Q: go airline pay because that me to relocate to the base that i am assigned to?A: any type of relocation expenses are at the trip Attendants own expense.Q: will certainly I have the ability to commute come the base i am assigned?A: Commuting is allowed, but it is not encouraged. trip Attendants have an extremely strict attendance requirements and also expectations. Also, store in mental commuting takes time away from your an individual life; your three-day trip into potentially 5 days the travel, when only obtaining paid for the 3 days of trip assignments.FLIGHT ATTENDANT APPEARANCE criter INFORMATION:Q: What space the flight Attendant Appearance requirements requirements?A: as crewmembers, a trip Attendant’s weight should be of together proportion to height that a practiced appearance is maintained and the physical ability to perform all job features is no hindered. Flight Attendants are as such required to preserve acceptable physical standards. If hired, and also following the probationary period, failure to preserve a neat appearance and acceptable physical standards will be tackled with gradual discipline, as outlined in the trip Attendant job-related Rules & Expectations/Company plans section the the flight Attendant Handbook. A trip Attendant must have the ability to perform all job features including, but not minimal to, the complying with physical power standards:The ability to, facing forward, walk and also fit comfortably down the aircraft (or aircraft mockup) aisleThe capability to easily fit through the over-wing window exitThe capacity to fit right into a jump seat shoulder harness there is no modification, including closure without a chair belt extensionThe ability to lift item of up to 50 pounds indigenous floor come shoulder heightThe capability to assist Customers v carryon items, including lifting carryon items from floor to over shoulder level with assistanceCompliance through physical performance requirements is measured throughout Initial Training and also at any time one Inflight Leader may make a reasonable and good faith decision that the flight Attendant’s physics size might impair the power of flight Attendant duties. Only standard uniform sizes are available. Men’s uniforms variety in waist size from 28 to 42 inches. Women’s uniforms variety in size from 0 to 18. No tailor-made uniforms room permitted.Flight air hostess must fulfill the Uniform Appearance standards as well. The items detailed below room examples and not an exhaustive list of the Standards.Visible body and facial piercings are not permitted, e.g. Eyebrows, nose, earlobe plugs/gauges, lips, tonguesTattoos can not be visible. All tattoos have to be appropriately covered by pants, lengthy sleeve shirts, hair, makeup, or scarf.While in the mrs uniform, comprise should be professional, conservative and complement the uniform and the Employee’s complexion. Eccentric, exaggeration or trendy cosmetics styles and also colors room prohibited.While in the masculine uniform, just bronzer or a concealer may be worn the looks professional, conservative and complements the uniform and the Employee’s complexion.Earring Notes: No more than two pairs the earrings are permitted, and also if worn, have to be placed in the earlobe and also may no exceed 1” in diameter (size the a quarter). Hoops and also drops room permitted, noted they do not extend an ext than 1” listed below the bottom the the ear lobe.While in the male uniform, Employees might wear just one small, stud earring every ear lobe (allowing solitary earrings approximately 1 pair). If worn as a pair, they need to be matching.Reporting to Initial trip Attendant Training the end of compliance v these regulations will topic a Candidate to prompt dismissal native class.