Sister Wives star Kody Brown and also his co-wives’ network worth supplies a little of surprised as numbers seem to include up differently than you can expect. Still, Kody shows up to song the same chorus of money woes for the previous decade of the show’s seasons.

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During the Sister Wives’ patriarch’s discussions critical season, he said that money was more than tight. Follow to Kody Brown, lock were just a pair of months far from no having enough money come pay their bills.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and also Wives 2020 network Worth?

Kody seems to report jae won problems. Yet on paper, the doesn’t look like the Sister Wives clan swirls the drainpipe of destitution. Current reports placed Kody Brown’s network worth at around $800,000. Meri Brown, the very first wife the the sister Wives family, comes in v an approximated net worth of $400,000.

The network worth because that the Sister Wives 2nd and third wives, Janelle Brown and also Christine Brown estimates also hover the $400,000 mark. Robyn Brown is the critical of Kody Brown’s women to join their polygamous marriage.

But she supposedly carries the greatest net worth the end of every his co-wives. She comes in v an approximated $600,000 for her net worth. Robyn came right into this marital relationship without enough money for a tank that gas. Or for this reason she insurance claims in a publication she penned years earlier with the other Sister Wives adults. So, exactly how does one describe her network worth towering over the other wives?

Meri Brown walk gangbusters v sales for the clothing agency she works for. So, it’s difficult to think she didn’t rise above the others. However Kody sitting v a double net worth contrasted to 3 of his Sister Wives co-wifes appeared equally as baffling.


Sister Wives: combined Salaries for Brown adult Today

But Kody Brown’s willingness to drop these salaries only reinforces the theories the their fame is just as essential or probably even an ext important than a paycheck. Sure, who wouldn’t desire those salaries. However the show additionally opened the door because that celebrity endorsements.

Look in ~ Meri walking all out selling clothing merchandise come her fan base. With thousands of thousands the followers, Meri and also her co-wives have actually a ready-made customer base. Christine selling this clothing brand together well. Every three initial Sister Wives females endorse a slew of products today. The just one girlfriend don’t see doing this is Robyn Brown.

So currently that the Sister Wives reclaimed a great portion of their fanbase and also the collection continues, what room their incomes today? The recent reports suggest the actors members’ value is based upon 10 percent the the budget plan assigned to every episode.

Reports show the sister Wives show’s budget fluctuates in between $250,000 come $400,000 each episode. So combined, castle make approximately $25,000 come $40,000 every episode. Climate multiply that by the number of episodes in a season and also this offers you Kody Brown and also his ladies combined salaries because that each season.

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The Sister Wives series vastly fluctuates in the variety of episodes each season. They variety from eight episodes, for Season 5 come 24 episodes for Season 12 and also all numbers in between for the remainder of the seasons. So, the appears, Kody and agency do okay for us in the salary department today.