If you’re big reality tv fan, one present you most likely watch is HGTV’s Property Brothers. Like numerous of the show’s fans, you most likely want to understand everything around Drew and also Jonathan Scott’s an individual life. One point you might be wondering around is their personal finances. Exactly how much are Drew and also Jonathan Scott worth? Wonder no more; we have some answers.

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Here’s exactly how much Drew and Jonathan Scott room really worth.

How they acquired started


The Scott brothers started with a single house ago in college. | residential property Brothers via Facebook

Drew and Jonathan Scott started out (and space still) functioning in real estate. Once they were 18-year-old students at the university of Calgary, lock purchased their first home in Alberta, Canada. Taking advantage of the require for college student housing, they resolved up one old college student house and also charged students $800 a month in rent, reports Money.

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Drew and Jonathan had success at an early stage on


They had a ton of success flipping houses. | building Brothers via Facebook

The money lock earned native their actual estate company helped them earn sufficient money to buy their first investment residential or commercial property for $200,000. Lock purchased the residence with a $250 down payment and also flipped that to do a $50,000 profit. Over the years, Drew and Jonathan did rather well for themselves purchasing, selling, and flipping homes. Eventually, they to be asked to do HGTV’s property Brothers.

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Their popular show led to several spinoffs


The show launched several spin-offs. | via Instagram

Like some of the other successful reflects on the channel, HGTV made decision it want to add an ext shows based upon the original. Property Brothers was such a hit because that HGTV that it resulted in several spin-offs, including Buying and Selling, Property brother at residence on The Ranch, Brother vs. Brother: Jonathan vs. Drew, and also Property Brothers at Home.

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They started their own production company


They’ve increased into TV production. | HGTV via Facebook

The brothers additionally have their own production company, Scott brother Entertainment, i m sorry was established in 2002. They develop all their HGTV programs themselves. Several of the mirrors they have created include HGTV Insider; Half-Price Paradise; home United; Reno, Set, Go; and Menu Match-Up.

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Speaking fees


The brothers are a warm commodity on the speaking circuit. | Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Like plenty of of the other HGTV stars, Drew and Jonathan also make money from public speak gigs. In 2016, Starcasm reported the brothers’ speak fee was together high as $60,000. Their growing popularity has given them the capability to almost twin their fees. As of this writing, Drew and also Jonathan are currently charging as much as $100,000, according to the price listing ~ above the speak Booker agency website.

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Their home furnishings line

In addition to the manufacturing company, Drew and also Jonathan also have their very own line of house furnishings. In 2015, the Scott brothers introduced a house furnishings line referred to as Scott Living. Nearly two year later, they released Dream houses by Scott Living. Your home assets can be purchased at stores such as Lowe’s, Orchard supply Hardware, Wayfair, and through QVC.

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Book deals

The genuine estate stars likewise earn cash from publication deals. Therefore far, Drew and also Jonathan have actually written 2 books. They exit their first book, Dream Home: The residential or commercial property Brothers’ Ultimate overview to detect & fixing Your Perfect House in April 2016. Their 2nd book, It bring away Two: our Story, to be released in September 2017.

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How lot Drew and Jonathan are worth

Drew and also Jonathan Scott are compensated well for being among HGTV’s most popular hosts. As mentioned above, they knife cash from your shows, publication deals, their production company, and also more. The brothers are apparently worth a merged $20 million, follow to Celebrity network Worth.

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What’s following for Drew and Jonathan

In November 2017, an additional Property Brothers spinoff to be launched, referred to as Property Brothers in ~ Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House. The display focuses on drew Scott and his soon-to-be wife Linda Phan together they renovate their brand-new home. Rather of running for number of seasons, the present is only collection to run for 5 episodes, together the emphasis of the display is top top renovating this one home.

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In addition, Drew and also Jonathan recently signed a multi-year attend to Scripps Network, the parent firm of HGTV. Scott brothers Entertainment will likewise produce brand-new series for Scripps. In addition, the brother will proceed producing their existing shows.