Patriots cheerleader dance during a game between the new England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers in ~ Gillette stadion in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

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It"s not simply the players and coaches the the brand-new England Patriots and also Philadelphia Eagles that will be representing their groups this Sunday at the 2018 at sight Bowl.

Cheerleaders for the Patriots and also Eagles have also made the journey the end to Minneapolis and also will it is in performing within U.S. Bank Stadium on Super key Sunday. Who space these women? and how much execute NFL cheerleaders make? Why have actually some cheerleaders been filing lawsuits against their teams? exactly how do you even end up being a agree cheerleader in the NFL or NBA an initial place?

There"s probably a many that sports fans don"t know around the lives and careers of professional cheerleaders. Here are few of the surprising facets of gift a cheerleader—and why plenty of of the stereotypes and also assumptions around cheerleaders are dead wrong.

Pro cheerleading is supervisor strict and also demanding.

An NFL cheerleader"s schedule varies, yet most have the right to expect to occupational eight hrs per week because that rehearsals (plus extr practice time for rookies) and a full eight-hour day at the stadion for home gamings on Sundays (Or occasionally Monday nights, or even on holidays favor Thanksgiving or Christmas). Continuous special appearances at neighborhood outreach, charity, and also corporate events are compelled as well.

"I really felt prefer I had two full time jobs during the season," claimed Tiffany Monroe, a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader indigenous 2006 come 2014, who currently works together a physical education teacher in Somers Point, N.J. "And ours season never really ended. We got a small bit that a rest in February."

One former NBA cheerleader said she often worked 30 to 40 hrs per week, as soon as rehearsals, workouts, games, and special appearances were included up. Plenty of cheerleaders are not paid by the hour either, however with a set fee for each game or appearance, and also many complain around not being compensated at every for techniques or take trip time.

Former NFL cheerleaders case that members of the formation were periodically benched for gaining weight throughout the season. Castle could additionally be fined because that wearing the wrong outfit come practices. Various other rules can include gift forbidden come drink, smoke, curse, or chew gum in public, and also bans top top hanging the end or dating NFL players. One team even required the all cheerleaders have straight hair.

It"s not claimed to be a full time job.

Despite the needs of cheerleading, NFL teams stress that it is not a full-time job. In fact, cheerleaders room often compelled to have other work or be students in college. ("Yes, a mommy is taken into consideration a full-time job!" one team notes in its list of cheerleader requirements.)

The pay is minimal.

NFL teams are super secretive around how much cheerleaders get paid. We got to out to the new England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, and several other teams, and all one of two people didn"t answers or refuse to give any kind of details about cheerleader wages.

If a team says anything publicly about the issue, it"s normally something vague and unhelpful choose what"s ~ above the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders site: "There is a salary schedule for rehearsals, residence football games, promo appearances & shows."

Their reluctance to talk about the worry could be because they"re fear of being sued. In recent years, a variety of lawsuits have actually been filed alleging that teams damaged the legislation by payment sub-minimum-wages come cheerleaders. (The outcomes of these suits have actually varied, with one NFL team agreeing to a $1.25 million negotiation with previous cheerleaders, one insurance claim thrown out of court, and also one team, the Buffalo Bills, dropping that cheerleaders entirely.)

Or it can be that groups are keeping quiet about cheerleader pay because the wages room so embarrassingly low.

A lawsuit filed on the instead of of one former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader stated that she deserve a full of $1,250 every season, which resolved to around $2.75 every hour. One cotton NFL cheerleader composed in Cosmopolitan that she to be paid $3,000 during the 2006 season, yet after including up non-reimbursed costs for things favor makeup and stylist appointments, she netted only $300.

In the after-effects of multiple lawsuits and also tons of poor PR, NFL groups seem to be paying cheerleaders far better lately, and yes, that has payment for many practices and appearances. Nowadays, NFL cheerleaders knife somewhere between $75 come $150 per game, and also might make as lot as $50 one hour for one-of-a-kind corporate appearances. Mountain Diego Chargers cheerleaders had actually been acquiring paid a flat $75 per game, but a California law that walk into result in 2016 mandated that they be payment for all their job-related at least at the state minimum fairy of $10 every hour.

Generally speaking, the is inexplicable for professional cheerleaders come earn an ext than a few thousand dollars every season, and a typical NFL cheerleader more than likely averages around $10 or much less per hour over the course of a season. Meanwhile, the typical NFL player"s yearly salary is over $2 million, according to Forbes, and the NFL generates around $14 billion in earnings per year lately, increase from $8 billion in 2010.

Cheerleaders even have to pay to audition.

Every year, numerous women try out through the hopes of being selected as one of the two or three dozen selected together cheerleaders because that an NFL team. The would-be cheerleaders must an initial cough up part cash to be thought about for the gig. To audition because that the Atlanta Falcons" cheerleading squad, for example, there is a $35 fee—cash or order just (no checks). The Indianapolis Colts charge $75 to each woman auditioning.

There are other costs related come auditions too, consisting of hair, makeup, apparel, and tanning appointments. To increase the odds of make the team, applicants are urged to sign up for audition prep classes the cost approximately $25 to $75. Highlights that these prepare classes might be posted virtual for fans to enjoy.

The audition process can take approximately a full week, meaning that applicants can have to miss school or work prior to even make the team. The Miami dolphins Cheerleaders 2018 auditions, for example, stretch from April 16 come 22, and also include interviews, picture shoots, choreography rehearsals, and also a final audition open to the public inside hard Rock Stadium.

They don"t carry out it for the

Most pro cheerleaders say that their teams carry out ample warning the the commitment compelled is extreme, and also that the pay might be less than waitressing or one entry-level sleeve job. So why are so plenty of eager to be cheerleaders anyway?

"I didn"t do it for the, and also I don"t think anyone does," claimed Monroe, the previous Eagles cheerleader, noting the her compensation was "fair" due to the fact that she never taken into consideration it a full-time job. "It"s more about law it because that the love the dance, or the love of football or possibly modeling."

In enhancement to the glamor and excitement the performing in front of 10s of thousands of people, cheerleading brings v it avenues for travel—perhaps come the at sight Bowl, or exotic beach locations for photo shoots, or come visit the troops in the center East. Among the various other benefits that cheerleading, in ~ the pro and amateur level alike, are boosted discipline and also health, add to the breakthrough of an abilities like leadership, time management, and also public speaking.

Getting to work and also build relationship with other ambitious, top-notch cheerleaders is another perk. "It"s not the stereotype the the dumb blonde cheerleader," said Monroe. "They"re smart, they"re intelligent, they"re driven, motivated women. I"ve met so countless women that I"m still friends with to this day."

They go after fascinating careers exterior cheerleading.

Cheerleaders for the supervisor Bowl-contending Patriots and Eagles include nurses, teachers, accountants, medical professional assistants, physical therapists, engineers, and also a Harvard grad student. One member that this year"s Eagles squad is also a town councilwoman in new Jersey.

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Darlene Cavalier, a previous NBA cheerleader who runs the site, reported that a complete of 30 Super bowl cheerleaders—15 apiece because that the Patriots and also Eagles—are pursuing university majors or already working tasks in STEM (science, tech, engineering, math). "Their day work highlight the remarkable talent and intelligence that cheerleaders" in the NFL and NBA, Cavalier said.