Adding hardwood floors to your an are is an invest that deserve to lead to significant benefits. Because that one, it’s easier to treatment for and maintain 보다 carpet—so parents deserve to say goodbye to juice stains forever. That also much more long-lasting than tile because it have the right to be finished and refinished time and time again. In most cases, it can serve your residence for a lifetime. 

The cost to install hardwood flooring comes down to a handful of factors, including the type of timber you’ve chosen and also the specific needs of her home.

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The nationwide average cost to download hardwood flooring is $6 to $12 per square foot for both labor and material fees. Because that higher-end wood and larger spaces, like if she redoing her entire an initial floor in hardwood, you may pay more—possibly in between $13 and $25 every square foot. In general, many projects finish up costing between $2,500 come $6,800 total

Here’s what you might pay relying on your home size and how lot flooring she interested in replacing:

$3,000–$6,000 for 500 sq. Ft.$6,000–$12,000 because that 1000 sq. Ft.$7,200–$14,400 for 1,200 sq. Ft.$12,000–$24,000 because that 2,000 sq. Ft.

Much like house prices, the expense to install hardwood flooring deserve to vary greatly from state come state. The varieties of woods that are accessible near friend likely have the largest impact. If you outsourcing a wood that’s no local, because that example, those shipping fees can hike up the last price. 

Here’s a quick an introduction of what you can expect based on your location:

Alabama: $3,021–$6,092Arizona: $2,349–$6,631California: $3,153–$9,338Colorado: $2,653–$6,696Iowa: $3,575–$4,900Michigan: $2,677–$8,407New York: $2,373–$6,077Pennsylvania: $2,310–$6,631Texas: $3,007–$8,051

There space a variety of inexpensive and pricey styles of lumber to pick from because that your new flooring. This is a breakdown of what friend can gain with your budget.

For this amount, you deserve to afford to install 500 square feet of pine, bamboo, or straightforward engineered wood. If she excited by the idea of timber flooring yet not totally ready to take it the leap, this budget will also enable for approximately 1,000 square feet of wood look tile flooring.

A budget plan in this variety will make it possible to indulge in 500 square feet that a high-end wood including maple, hickory, white ash, red oak, or white oak. That will also cover the cost of 1,000 square feet the bamboo or pine tree flooring.

This allowance will certainly cover the expense of as much as 1,000 square feet that maple, hickory, white ash, red oak, or white oak hardwood floors. Alternatively, you can use that to gain up come 2,000 square feet that bamboo or pine flooring, or splurge top top 500 to 900 square feet of pricier Brazilian walnut.

The majority of the hardwood installation comes from materials quite than labor. Hardwood panels deserve to be all over from $6 come $25 per square foot, conversely, installation costs will be only $3 come $6 every square foot. Doing that yourself also requires specific tools that you could not currently have, consisting of a pneumatic flooring nailer, i m sorry can cost anywhere from $200 to $400.

Because your DIY savings will certainly be minimal, it’s finest to rental a neighborhood wood floor installer to carry out the job right


Before selecting a type of wood, it’s essential to consider the way you desire it styled. Easier models such as vast plank lumber flooring will usually cost less than detailed designs choose herringbone patterns.

Wood look at Tile: While not technically wood, wood-look brick is an affordable option for anyone who not all set to commit come hardwood flooring. This kind of brick is glazed and also colored come resemble wood, and there’s no danger of the rotting or warping in humid areas, therefore it’s perfect for your bathroom remodel! You have the right to expect it come cost in between $15 and $20 per square foot and also from $900 come $2,900 because that a full project. 

Wide Plank: Installing broad plank wood flooring is a usually faster process because the pink cover a larger surface area, therefore taking less time come install—that’s additionally why you will do it usually finish up paying less for labor v this option. On average, the price will be everywhere from $1.50 come $12 per square foot, plus $3 for $4 every hour that labor. 

Herringbone Pattern: If friend opt for a gorgeous herringbone pattern, none of the materials you need will change—but the quantity of time the project takes and the all at once cost will. Selecting this style can add an extra 30% to your final bill since of the extra care required for installation. Mean to salary $12 per square foot of any form of timber to have it arranged in this fashion. 

Genuine Parquet: This is another style the costs much more because it takes a the majority of time and care to install. True parquet hardwood flooring have the right to cost in between $20 and also $45 per square foot, however parquet-style tiles deliver a similar sophisticated look in ~ a portion of the price—you’ll pay $7 to $15 per square foot and $15,000 on average to download faux parquet.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is timber planks that have actually been finished before being installed, unlike timeless hardwood flooring, which is finished after installation. Opting for prefinished have the right to cost in between $6 and also $12 every square foot. That might seem an ext expensive increase front, but it could actually save you money in the lengthy run since finishing hardwood flooring on-site takes an ext time, which way more job costs.

Adding the finishing after ~ installation is likewise riskier due to the fact that it’s a procedure that’s more likely to trap dust or debris on the surface of the wood. If the timber is finished beforehand, you don’t have to stress.

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Engineered lumber flooring is a much more economical option than heavy hardwood since it’s built from class of hardwood and also plywood rather than a single type. ~ above the low end, it will certainly cost between $4.50 and $9 every square foot. On the high end, you will do it pay between $9 and also $16 per square foot

Think twice before deciding ~ above this style since it’s no as durable as hard hardwood, which can last a century if the hardwood flooring is properly cared for.