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Being a lifeguard in California can be unbelievably lucrative. If we had actually only known, countless of united state would have actually packed our bags and headed west for a career on the California beach.

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Our auditors at OpenTheBooks.com found that lifeguards do a happiness in Los Angeles County. Seven lifeguards made an ext than $300,000 and 82 lifeguards had total earnings that exceed $200,000 in 2019, the recent year available.

Fernando Boiteux to be the most very paid and earned $391,971. Together the “acting chief lifeguard,” he out-earned 1,000 the his peers: salary ($205,619), exclusive right ($60,452), and also benefits ($125,900).

The 2nd highest paid, Captain Daniel Douglas, pulled down $140,706 in base pay, and a lining $131,493 in overtime pay, with $21,760 in “other pay” and also $74,709 in benefits. Full compensation price to $368,668.

Overtime salary drove revenue into corporate executive, management range.

Thirty-one lifeguards made between $50,000 and also $131,493 in overtime throughout the year. Because that example, Daniel Douglas (comp: $368,668; overtime: $131,493), Jaro Snopek (comp: $292,455; overtime:$119,669) and James Orr (comp: $281,270; overtime: $113,015) every made end $100,000 in overtime alone.

top 10 highest Paid LA Lifeguards 2019 - pay, perks, health insurance and pension benefits same ... <+> total compensation.


Furthermore, we uncovered that most of the top-paid lifeguards to be men. In fact, just two of the top-twenty high-earners to be women: Virginia Rupe ($281,000), a captain, and Christine Linkletter ($279,980), a ar chief.

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You could assume that high salary rewarded great heroism, but you’d it is in wrong. We uncovered that many of the lifeguards that won the Medal the Valor – exhibiting bravery for saving lives – fail to crack the top of the county’s payroll.

The 2020 Medal the Valor winner, Edward “Nick” Macko, an s lifeguard specialist, earned “only” $134,144 in compensation. His compensation ranked 167th the end of the 1,001 employee in the L.A. Lifeguard corps.

Macko jumped into the rough waters in a far Palos Verdes gorge and pulled a male to security through perhaps skull-crushing swells and over razor-sharp rocks. Many of his rescue was captured on video clip and shows why he earned the honor.

The 2019 Valor compensation winners, ocean Lifeguard professionals Shaun Gudmundsson (comp: $165,761) and also Ruben Carmona (comp: $194,919), “performed very dangerous night water rescue” of two trapped anglers from hurricane-caused rising tides and surf.

Another 2019 Valor winner, Jon valve Duinwyk (comp: $238,434), singlehandedly rescued a 70-year-old man trapped within a 25-foot sailboat throughout a huge storm surf turn off Dockweiler Beach. The lifeguard “risked his life to enter the vessel, extricate the elderly man, as the boat was break up in the 8 foot shore pound.”

Beach lifeguard pay dwarfs the of their colleagues at the pools. We discovered 332 pool lifeguards in L.A. County, but the greatest paid “senior swimming pool lifeguard” made only $46,997, including pay and benefits.

Why coast lifeguards earn so lot money is a question L.A. Taxpayers could start asking. A lifeguard’s job can be dangerous, but it’s unsure why citizens should foot the bill for so lot overtime once the state’s publicly employees currently cost taxpayers $45 billion a year.

Our auditors in ~ OpenTheBooks.com compiled this numbers from freedom of information Act requests and benefit data detailed at Transparent California.

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