We strive because that an immigration mechanism that values the basic dignity and human legal rights of every people. Us support plans that expand ways for world to get in the country legally; prioritize the integration of immigrants, including obtainable paths to citizenship for all who room eligible; and promote nondiscriminatory border security and also enforcement plans that uphold American values and traditions.

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Source: glossesweb.com/U.S. Census office data

American community Survey, data.census.gov (accessed October 21, 2019)

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Learn exactly how to become a U.S. Citizen

Citizenshipworks has actually the devices to assist understand the requirements to come to be a citizen, and how come prepare for the exam. The devices are accessible in English and also Spanish, and also include tutorials that explain the process and can connect you with complimentary legal assist from much more than 200 nonprofits throughout the country.


Relief because that all

Including immigrant in COVID recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has actually exposed plenty of fault lines in the country’s capability to respond to the basic needs of every communities. Our immigrant system, and also the obstacles it creates, has actually been a major factor in the disproportionate influence of COVID ~ above Latinos in terms of task security, health, nutrition, and education access.


Yes. Plenty of immigrants are entrepreneurs who develop jobs. Follow to a study of the bipartisan immigration bill passed in the Senate in 2014, provisions in the bill could potentially bring between 336,000 and 470,000 undocumented immigrant entrepreneurs right into the officially economy. Provided that the average immigrant-owned business hires 11 employees, these businesses would certainly account for in between 3.7 million and also 5.2 million jobs in the officially economy.

Yes. Undocumented immigrant pay an typical of $11.64 exchange rate in state and also local count a year. Top top average, an undocumented individual has about 8% the their income go come taxes. Moreover, every immigrants—regardless the status—will contribute approximately $80,000 more in taxes than government services used over your lifetime.

Over the years, immigrants have contributed up come $300 exchange rate to the Social protection Trust Fund. In 2010 alone, undocumented people paid $13 billion into retirement accounts and also only received $1 billion in return. There is no the contributions of immigrants going right into the system, it is approximated that full benefits would not have the ability to be paid out beyond the year 2037.

In 2014, there were 11 million undocumented people in the united States. This number has actually remained unmodified from 2009, and also represents a decrease from 12.2 million undocumented people who lived in the United claims in 2007.

DACA recipients or DREAMers—people who concerned the United claims at a young age and also applied for Deferred activity for Childhood Arrivals—paid a $465 fee v their applications, an interpretation that the program has not cost taxpayers a single cent. Since the program started in 2012, more than 750,000 people have had their applications because that DACA approved—and the U.S. Economy has benefitted. The cost of ending the DACA program would remove at least $433.4 exchange rate from the GDP over the food of a decade.

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According to the Congressional budget plan Office, the bipartisan immigrant bill the passed in the Senate in 2014 would have actually helped minimize the deficit through $197 billion, increased investment by 2%, and increased overall employment by 3.5% through the year 2023.

Studies have shown that immigrants are much less likely come commit crimes than native-born Americans and they are linked with lower crime rates. Additionally, in counties that have put in location policies to limit teamwork with immigration enforcement and to uphold the fourth Amendment, over there are lower crime rates than in counties without “sanctuary policies.”