Wondering how much is a haircut good Clips? climate you space in the appropriate place. This is substantial guide of all haircut and also treatment prices at great Clips. Known for your affordable rates and also friendly service, haircut prices at good Clips continue to be affordable throughout the board. For much more information about the cost of haircut prices at good Clips, inspect the tables and guides below!

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Great salon Prices
Adult Haircut$16.49
Child(Under 10)$13.49
Senior Hair cut$13.49
Regular kind $19.99
Long Hair$29.99

So, if you’re trying to find a budget-friendly haircut or styling treatment, watch no additional than good Clips. Through over 4,000 areas nationwide, it’s easy to discover a local an excellent Clips to take advantage of their impressive prices!

How lot is a Haircut at great Clips?

Great Clips typical Haircut prices

A great Clips haircut price is very affordable, starting at simply $13.49 for kids under ten. Not just that, great Clips prices because that seniors additionally start at $13.49, offering exceptional value for money.

That said an excellent Clip prices because that a standardadult haircut isn’t much more, costing just $16.49. Better still, this pricesare because that men and also women, highlighting the repeatedly low price for haircut atGreat Clips.

However, these prices are simply for a straightforward haircut, as more extensive styling alternatives have separate prices at good Clips. Prices might differ depending on the shop too, so always be certain to confirm prior to you get your haircut!

GreatClips Styling price

If girlfriend desire much more from your haircut thenGreat Clips’ styling alternatives are absolutely worth check out. These aredesigned for world that call for a more complex haircut format that take away longerthan average. Even though lock price the a good Clips staying company is much more expensivethan a standard haircut, it remains budget-friendly.

For example, a styling cut for consistent hairtype beginning at just $19.99! This is just a couple of dollars an ext than the stadanrdadult haircut, showcasing how great Clips haircut prices are.

Understandably, the styling price walk risefor world with longer hair – more hair method more time styling! even then, theprice start at simply $29.99, costing a fraction of the price at numerous salonsaround the country.

If you have actually a one-of-a-kind occasion such together awedding or prom, then check out great Clips updo style treatment. Costing only$47.99, this gorgeous hairstyle leaves you feather elegant and beautiful. It’sa great price for this form of hairstyle, so make certain you take it advantage!

Great Clips Opening and also Closing Hours

Great Clips hours of to work

Want come take benefit of the exceptional haircut prices at great Clips? then you’ll must know good Clips hours of operations to make certain you acquire an meeting on time! Like plenty of hair salons, an excellent Clips hours feature early on openings and late closings.

Therefore, anyone require to get themselves a haircut later in the day will desire to examine out an excellent Clips!

MONDAY - FRIDAY9 to be - 9 PM
SUNDAY 9 to be - 5 PM

For example, most good Clips salon’s begin at 9am every day, while lock close in ~ 9pm Monday come Friday! Closing hours at the weekends are slightly earlier, closing at 6pm top top Saturday and 5pm top top Sunday. Still, these are an excellent hours for a salon, so make sure to publication your appointment soon. To get more information on an excellent Clips visit website.

Great Clips Prices


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