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It takes a village. That much is clear both onscreen & behind the scenes of Wonder Woman 1984, as Gal Gadot tells ET the franchise was an all-hands-on-deck effort. The sequel brings Gadot back as Diana Prince, with director Patty Jenkins once again at the helm và includes the unexpected return of love interest Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine).

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"I couldn"t imagine doing another one without him," Gadot tells ET, crediting Pine as a key reason why the first movie was such a success. "The fact that they figured out the right way to bring him back that actually helps the story, it was delightful to lớn work with him again & it felt lượt thích coming back home, working with Patty & with and with our wonderful crew."

Having completed reshoots for 2017"s Wonder Womanwhile five months pregnant ("That was an experience I wouldn"t go back to!"), Gadot also had both of her daughters on mix with her this go-around.

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"We really became family. Patty"s family và my family are really close -- our husbands, our children -- and we made sure khổng lồ bring them all on set," Gadot says. "The kids helped out giving away sides khổng lồ everybody & sitting by the đoạn clip village. Và when we were shooting on locations, they were always there. They"re part of the circus, you know? We can"t vị it by ourselves."

Onscreen, WW84 delves further into how Diana became the woman that she is, revealing more of her childhood raised by the women of Themyscira. An early sequence shows a young Diana receiving the wisdom of the Amazons, & Gadot shared the message she hopes to impart on her own children.

"That there are no shortcuts and there are no easy ways và there"s no miễn phí meals. You"ve got lớn work hard in order khổng lồ enjoy the good results," she says. "With my kids, I want them to always enjoy the process & know that it"s OK lớn fail và it"s great to lớn go ahead và try again. I want them lớn have the motivation and the hunger lớn pursue whatever it is that they want lớn pursue."

"Sometimes I see kids or teenagers that all they want to vì is to lớn be famous," Gadot continues, "but it"s nonsense. You gotta vì something real, that will fill you và will make you feel valuable & will keep your mind and your brain stimulated. There"s no secrets. The secret is that there"s no secrets. In order to vị something great, you really have khổng lồ work hard for it."

Wonder Woman 1984 is in theaters và streaming on HBO Max on Dec. 25.


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