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The 2017 BMW R nineT (left) và R nineT Urban G/S. (Photos: BMW)

When BMW released the original R nineT in 2014, it represented a major shift in BMW’s approach, and proved to lớn be a genre-bending—and very popular—bike. It was also revealed that there would be ten variations of the R nineT, & so far we’ve seen four: the Scrambler, Racer, Pure và the original Roadster.

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Dirt or street: pick your pleasure.

Up until now, anyway. BMW has now announced a fifth variation, the R nineT Urban G/S, as well as some updates to lớn the original. We’ll start with the updated R nineT.


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2017 BMW R nineT.

2017 BMW R nineTOne of our (few) complaints about the original R nineT was its too-soft suspension. It lacked an adjustable fork, forcing the rider to just khuyễn mãi giảm giá with it. That has now changed, with the 2017 model now being equipped with a fully adjustable upside-down fork. BMW also says it has revised the suspension geometry; we’ll have lớn wait for further details to lớn see what exactly that means.

The 2017 BMW R nineT in special Blackstorm metallic/Vintage livery.

Most of the rest of the updates are cosmetic, and include a new instrument cluster with two separate housings, new đen wire-spoked wheels và a black finish on the engine, swingarm, driveshaft và frame.

The 2017 BMW R nineT in special Blueplanet metallic/Aluminum livery.

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There are also two new special paint schemes available. “Blackstorm metallic/Vintage” comes with a hand-painted yellow application on the tank bearing the number 21, as well as a café racer-style hump seat with aluminum cover and passenger pad. The second special paint scheme, “Blueplanet metallic/Aluminum,” uses the existing brushed aluminum fuel tank option, và adds a wide center stripe in Blueplanet metallic paint with a gold trim. The stripe continues down the front fender and the café racer-style hump seat cover.


US pricing & availability are TBD.

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The 2017 BMW R nineT Urban G/S is the spitting image of its ancestor, the R 80 G/S.

2017 BMW R nineT Urban G/SEvoking the legendary R 80 G/S from 1980, the new Urban G/S appears khổng lồ be based on the Scrambler variation of the R nineT. Like the Scrambler, it uses a traditional front fork (likely non-adjustable, but that was not made clear in the information BMW gave us), a three-piece frame (as opposed lớn the four-piece unit used on the standard R nineT), & it comes standard with cast aluminum wheels (19-inch in the front và 17-inch in the rear) & street tires.

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If it handles anything like the R nineT Scrambler, the Urban G/S should be a hoot khổng lồ ride on dirt roads.

Also like the Scrambler, spoked wheels and 50/50 dual-sport tires will be available as options—likely miễn phí of charge on the tires, & a charge for the wheels.

50/50 dual-sport tires will be available as an option.

The Urban G/S is the spitting image of its R 80 G/S ancestor, with a gas tank, high front fender và headlight cover in Lightwhite non-metallic, black frame, red seat & two-tone xanh accents on the tank.